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Charge Kick
Charge Kick.png
An invincible slide that hurts enemies. Slide in the air or double jump!
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 5

Charge Kick is Charge Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 5 that has been in Mega Man Maker since its 1.0.0 Version. When activated, the user will enter a slide that can damage enemies the user slides through. In Mega Man Maker, the move has been modified to be usable in the air in the form of an air dash. If the user then presses the jump button near the end of an air dash when a quick alert appears, they will perform an air jump that will allow them to get to even higher and harder to reach places. It has been also buffed in damage.

Originally in Mega Man 5, Charge Kick could only be activated while on the ground by preforming a slide with it equipped. This would leave first time players confused when trying to use the move, hence why in addition to its overhaul in functionality, Mega Man Maker allows for both the slide or fire buttons to be used to activate the weapon. However, the "shoot input" variant of Charge Kick will cause bosses that respond to shoot button inputs, such as Crash Man, Metal Man, Skull Man, and Toad Man to react, while these same bosses will not react to "slide input" Charge Kicks, as it doesn't involve the player pressing the shoot button.

The additional jump was originally a glitch, but after version 1.0.4, the movement was officialized. The small alert was not before that version, but was added when the weapon functionality was changed. Prior to that overhaul, the air jump required switching to a different weapon and then switching back to Charge Kick.

While performed, Charge Kick grants the player to immunity to most sources of damage or instant death, excluding Spikes, burning Oil, and vertical crushing. This means that while Charge Kick is in effect, the player is invincible to attacks from Enemies and Bosses, damage from most Level Object hazards, and even some sources of instant death such as Red Force Beams and Magma Beams.

While Bass otherwise performs a dash instead of a slide, he can use the Charge Kick as Mega Man would and is shown to not only have an animation for sliding like Proto Man and Mega Man, but he also has a custom victory animation if in this slide animation when a level is beaten.



  • If the user slides off the edge of a cliff using Charge Kick they will still travel across the air a short distance and can air jump. However, after this the user then has the ability to air dash and jump again which isn't supposed to be possible. Allowing for the crossing of even longer distances if the terrain allows for the glitch to be preformed.
  • If the user is sliding through a passage using Charge Kick and then swaps to another weapon, they will still have the kick-wave effect from Charge Kick with the new weapon's colors equipped. Additionally, colliding with any Weapon Blocks or Weapon Barriers set to the new weapon will be destroyed on contact.