Crash Bomber

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Crash Bomber
Crash Bomb.png
A bomb that sticks to walls and shielded enemies before exploding.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 2

Crash Bomber is Crash Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 2 that is featured in Mega Man Maker. The user will fire an explosive Crash Bomb out of their buster straight forward. Once the Crash Bomb collides with an enemy it will cause a series of explosions. The explosions occur over the course of a few seconds, which can potentially cause multiple hits that can do a lot of damage to an enemy or Boss hit with it. If a Crash Bomb comes in contact with a wall or enemy that's shielded, it will stick to the enemy or surface and then explode after a few seconds.


  • Despite Crash Man having Drill for hands and his Crash Bombs Drilling into the ground, the Crash Bombs the player fire appear to stick using a clamp or claw rather than by drilling into enemies and walls. The exception to this is their reappearance in the Power Fighters Series, where when used by the player they do use drills rather than clamps. However, the Crash Bombs will now drop down to the ground in an arc rather than keep going straight.
  • The Crash Bombs fired when using Crash Bomber are very similar to those dropped by the Mega Man 7 weapon Danger Wrap when spawned without their bubble. The Mines fired by Danger Wrap Will however instead drop and stick to the ground rather than being shot forward and sticking to walls.


  • If a Shield Attacker has a Crash Bomb stuck to it and it comes in contact with a wall, the Crash Bomb will pop off and re-adhere itself to the wall, potentially allowing the enemy to escape from the explosion.
  • If a Crash Bomb is fired onto a rising Tackle Fire, or if a Tackle Fire rises into a Crash Bomb stuck onto a wall, the Crash Bomb will stick to the enemy. When the Tackle Fire leaves the top of the screen, the Crash Bomb will warp to the middle of the screen, and stay there until exploding.