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Croaker / Kerog
Artwork of Croaker / Kerog from Mega Man 2.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
HP: 10 (Kerog) 1 (Petit Kerog)
Damage: 4 (Contact Kerog) 1 (Contact Petit Kerog)

Croaker (also known as Kerog) is a frog robot, with the ability to spawn Petit Kerogs. Kerogs was a robot that originally a member of the underwater robot carnival, but was repurposed for combat by Dr. Wily. They are enemies that originate from Mega Man 2 from Bubble Man's stage.

When a Kerog spawns, it will launch three Petit Kerogs from its mouth at three different angles. If at least one Petit Kerog is alive, all on-screen Kerogs will do nothing until they are all despawned or destroryed. If all three Petit Kerogs are either despawned or destroyed, it will spit out three more Petit Kerogs.

Petit Kerogs have 1 HP and deal 1 HP contact damage, they attack by jumping towards the player.

If the player gets behind Kerog, Kerog will turn around to face the player.


  • Kerog also appears in Mega Man: The Wily Wars.
  • The name "Kerog" is a combination of the Japanese word "Kero" (ribbit) and the English word "frog".
  • The names "Kerog" and "Croaker" both makes references to the sounds that frogs make.
  • The giant robot frog that Shadow Man summons and rides in "Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters" is believed to be an alternate model of Kerog, but this has not been officially confirmed.


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