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E-Clare's staff icon
Role: Beta tester
Discord: E-Clare#1302
Website: Twitter

E-Clare is a spriter and former beta tester for Mega Man Maker. She joined the development team in 2017 as a beta tester, although she helped with sprites to some extent. Some of the sprites she made for the Megamix Engine were reused in this game.

Due to time constraints, she transitioned out of beta testing during 1.5.0's development to focus more on making sprites. In 1.7.0, she was the primary contributor to Roll's sprites. After the update's release, E-Clare was officially considered a spriter.



Icon Character Contributions Version Notes
Fiel:RollIcon.png Roll Sprites 1.7.0 Alongside BushBacon and BNMotive


Icon Boss Contributions Version Notes
BubbleIcon.png Bubble Man Sprites 1.2.0 Crying sprites, alongside Sodacoma
FreezeIcon.png Freeze Man 1.7.0 Alonsgide LF222