Frisk Cannon

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Frisk Cannon
Frisk Cannon.png
Artwork of a Frisk Cannon from Mega Man 7
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
HP: 4(Frisk Cannon) 1 (Shot)
Damage: 2 (contact) 2 (shot)

The Frisk Cannon is a purple mechanical turret enemy primarily found in Junk Man and Spring Man's stages from Mega Man 7, and is featured in Mega Man Maker as of its version 1.4.0 update. Frisk Cannons have a set of warning lights on them that are normally off. When the lights extend and flicker, the Frisk Cannon will fire out three ball-shaped projectiles in a row in an upwards ark, similar to the classic Crazy Cannon. Each shot is fired with slightly less power causing each successive shot to travel in a shorter ark that comes down quicker and closer to the Frisk Cannon.

The shots fired by Frisk Cannon are not stopped by walls or other physical terrain, allowing them to rain down shots on the Player Character's head. They can however be both destroyed by most weapons and deflected by the Shine weapon or Proto Man's shield. The hitboxes for the shots are however small. This in combination with their fast downward movement makes them hard and impractical to hit with weapons that require more precision or have a limited aiming ability.

In the Level Builder, when a Frisk Cannon is placed it can be set to face left or right, however it can not turn around. Regardless of this, a Frisk Cannon will always keep firing as long as it's on-screen even if the Player Character is behind them or otherwise clearly out of its range.


  • Since the Frisk Cannon never had 8-Bit sprites in Mega Man 7, they have new custom-made sprites by Sodacoma for Mega Man Maker.