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* "Gyo" is the japanese word for "Fish".
* "Gyo" is the japanese word for "Fish".
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Mm6 gabgyo.png
Artwork of Gabgyo from Mega Man 6.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
HP: 1
Damage: 3 (contact)

Gabgyo is a robot piranha. It is a smaller and cheaper variant of the underwater security robots Big Fish. This enemy originates from Mega Man 6 from Plant Man's stage and Yamato Man's stage, and later re-appears in Wily Stage 3.

Underwater Behaviour

When underwater, Gabgyo will attempt swim horizontally 6 tiles in its facing direction, then reverse directions and attempt to swim 6 tiles in the opposite direction to its point of origin, and will repeat the pattern.

If Gabgyo collides with something resembling a wall before swimming its full 6 tiles of distance, it will reverse direction and attempt to swim 6 tiles of distance.

Land Behaviour

When on land, Gabgyo will struggle in place unable to move when the player is far away, but will jump upwards if the player gets 1.5 tiles away or closer on the X-axis.

If the player is at a higher point on the Y-axis than Gabgyo when it tries to jump, Gabgyo will attempt to jump upwards to 1 tile higher the player's location on the Y-axis. If the player is at a equal or lower point on the Y-Axis than Gabgyo when it tries to jump, Gabgyo will attempt to jump 4 tiles into the air.

If something resembling a ceiling stops Gabgyo from reaching its full jump height, it will fall back to the ground upon colliding with it.

Gabgyo will turn to face the player, if the player gets behind them.


  • Gabgyo's jumping behaviour when outside water resembles its behavior in Plant Man's stage.
  • Gabgyos are small and frail, the opposite of its predecessor model Big Fish which are large and resistant to most damage.
  • A Gabgyo outside water can jump in mid-air if being bounced by a Spring.
  • "Gyo" is the japanese word for "Fish".