Hard Man

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Hard Man
Hard Man.png
Artwork of Hard Man from Mega Man 3
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
HP: 28
Damage: 3 (Hard Knuckle)
6 (contact)
6+6 (Body Press)

DWN-020 Hard Man (or DRWN-018 depending on localization) is one of the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 3 featured in Mega Man Maker. He's equip with his signature weapon, the Hard Knuckle. He was added in Version 1.3.0 of Mega Man Maker.


Hard Man is a large, bulky, mostly dark blue Robot. He has blue feet with black legs that lead into his round lower segment of his also blue body. His upper body is similar in shape to his lower half. He has an almost boxer-like helmet with a flat top and a red power core showing in the middle of it rather than where his ears would usually be like most other humanoid Robot Masters. He has large blue shoulder pads and black arms which connect to his white gloved blue forearms which are his Hard Knuckles that can be fired from the end of the forearm.

In-Game Pattern

Hard Man only has two attacks; his first attack is to fire two Hard Knuckles that will change direction once if the player gets around them. His second attack is to jump high into the air and slam headfirst into the ground, completely immobilizing and disabling the player briefly, regardless if the player is on the ground or in the air.

Regardless of how simple or complicated the room is, fighting Hard Man is not something that can be done easily unless you plan to unleash a barrage of his weakness weapons on him and chug E-Tanks. His Hard Knuckles will come out fast and stop on a dime before coming back at you for a second attempt at the player's life. Dodging both at once is very difficult, so putting distance between them to make evasion more possible is recommended. Also realizing that Hard Man will preform his stun move when when he does a fast high-jump will help you better avoid taking a lot of damage. Spotting this and reacting quickly is best to avoid getting pinned under him which could cause not one, but two contact damage hits as well as placing yourself in a strategic position to best avoid the stun putting the player character in an awkward position in an unconventional boss room. Keeping your focus sharp and timing your shots to hit him just before and after his jumps and stunning ground slams will give you the best chance at defeating him.


  • The player can still be moved by various level objects and enemies, such as Magnets, Conveyor Belts, Mag Flies, and Fan Fiends, when stunned by Hard Man's diving headbutt.
  • Although left in Mega Man Maker intentionally for authenticity, Hard Man's ability to stun the player even when they are in the air is the result of Mega Man 3 being rushed when made. The move was most likely meant to work similar to, if not identical to Guts Man's stunning slam in Mega Man 1 but became what it was to save time.
  • Hard Man's Hard Knuckles will despawn if they travel off-screen. If Hard Man is off-screen when firing his Hard Knuckles, they will despawn the instant he shoots them, due to the Hard Knuckles already being off-screen. This Hard Knuckle despawning behaviour is carried over from Hard Man's source game, Mega Man 3.