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This article is about the Heat Ladder meme. For information on other ladders, see Ladders.

Heat Ladder is a ladder tile appearing in Mega Man Maker, originating from Mega Man 2. The Heat Ladder tile became the subject of a meme on the game's forums spawning from a post created by the forum user "Bucket" and has become a community meme.



The Heat Ladder meme originated in a forum topic called "Heat ladder" (now known as "The Great Heat Ladder vs Wood Ladder vs Rainbow Death Ladder Debate"), originally started on Monday, January 8th, 2018. The topic was originally found in the forum section "Feedback and suggestions", where the user "InUniverse" requested that the Heat Ladder be added to Mega Man Maker, which caused many forum users to react with either surprise or confusion. On Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, forum user "Bucket" posted the message "ALL HAIL HEAT LADDER! ALL HAIL HEAT LADDER! HE IS OUR SAVIOR!" with an image of a ritual taking place with a sprite of a Heat Ladder placed on top. After this post, the Heat Ladder meme quickly took off with other forum users contributing to the meme in various ways.

The topic eventually changed its focus to a debate, where Heat Ladder was compared to other ladders, both ladders appearing in official Mega Man games as well as original fan-made ladder designs. The ladders most commonly brought up where the "Wood Ladder" and the "Rainbow Death Ladder". The forum topic, prior referred to as "Heat ladder", was changed by the topic's creator "InUniverse" to "The Great Heat Ladder vs Wood Ladder vs Rainbow Death Ladder Debate" around this time.

After the accidental deletion of Pronto Man's dedicated forum topic "Pronto Man Fights In Middle Of Level", forum staff created a new forum section called "Fecal Forgotten Factory" where memes and funposting topics could be kept. The forum topic was moved to this section by request, where it was revived from inactivity temporarily and people began posting in it once again. As of 2019, the topic is once again inactive.

As both Pronto Man and Heat Ladder where both memes based on seemingly all-powerful entities, the two memes were temporarily considered as rivals by some forum users.

Acknowledgement by Mega Man Maker Team

Due to the popularity of the meme, requests for the Heat Ladder to be added to Mega Man Maker increased. Users would express disappointment or make jokes when a new Mega Man Maker version was released with the Heat Ladder still being absent.

On November 5, 2018, developer Luigi announced the Heat Ladder, stating, "We listened to your feedback, and have implemented one of the most highly requested assets - the Heat Ladder! Oh, and I guess we added Tornado Blow too. Climb on!".[1]

The Heat Ladder was added to the Level Builder's selection of ladders in version 1.5.0.


  • Originally in Mega Man 2, due to Heat Man's stage's layout, the stage would still be possible to complete regardless if ladders existed in the stage or not, making the Heat Ladder completely redundant.
  • There is a role in the official Mega Man Maker Discord server called "OG heat ladder supporter".