Kaminari Kogoro

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Kaminari Kogorō
Kaminari Kogoro.png
Artwork of a Kaminari Kogoro from Mega Man 7
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
HP: 2
Damage: 2 (contact) 2 (Lightning Bolt)

Kaminari Kogoro are round single-horned lightning powered enemy robots primarily found in Cloud Man's stage from Mega Man 7 which are featured in Mega Man Maker as of it's version 1.4.0 update. Kaminari Kogoro are enemies that rise out of the ground when the Player Character gets close to their spawn point. They will rise quickly, and once they are high enough they will stop and summon a bolt of lighting down directly beneath them. Shortly after firing, they will slowly lower themselves back down off-screen swaying left and right slightly to potentially hit the Player if they are too close to the edge. If they are allowed to float back down off screen, they will respawn shortly after assuming the Player Character is still near them. If they are destroyed at any point they will not respawn unless their spawn point is scrolled off and then back on screen like most other enemies.

In the Level Builder, Kaminari Kogoro can only be placed at the very bottom most layer of a screen. However, like some other enemies such as the Tackle Fire a glitch can be used to grab an already placed Kaminari Kogoro and move it around freely. This will however not alter how the enemy spawns and function.

Also, because Kaminari Kogoro fire electricity, they can magnetize Spring Man if they end up shooting downward and hitting him.


  • Since Kaminari Kogoro never had 8-Bit sprites in Mega Man 7, they have new custom-made sprites by Someone* for Mega Man Maker.
  • The Kaminari Kogoro are considered to be members of the Upn'n'Down enemy type, making them related to the original Up'n'Down enemies from Mega Man 4 and the Shururun enemeis from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass.
  • Kaminari Kogoro translates to "Thunder Infant" in English.


  • Although kept in intentionally, the ability to drag and place Kaminari Kogoro anywhere on screen is the result of a glitch.