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Kouker Q.png
Artwork of Kouker from Mega Man 5
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
HP: 1 (Kouker)
Damage: 4 (Contact)

Kouker (or Kouker Q) are helmet-shaped robots with eyes, a propeller on top, and hidden extendable and retractable spikes on their underside. They are known for flying over their targets, and diving downwards at their foes with their spikes exposed. They come in in two colour variations, Orange & Green, and Green & Red, both of which behave identically.

Kouker Q can be assigned to either travel horizontally left or right in the Level Builder.

When Kouker Q is farther than 1.5 tiles away from the player on the x-axis, it will be in its "passive state" and will do nothing but travel horizontally, in its assigned direction, passing through solid tiles and level objects, until it either travels off-screen to the left or right and despawns, or gets closer to the player.

When Kouker Q is 1.5 tiles away from the player or closer on the x-axis, it will enter its "aggressive state" and will disable its propeller, extend its spikes, and dive downwards, passing through solid tiles and level objects until it disappears downwards off-screen and despawns.


  • The enemy's name is roughly based on a japanese word for "dive", which is accurate to the way the enemy attacks the player.
  • Kouker Q's design bares a close resemblance to the enemy "Crusher" from the Intro Stage of Mega Man X.