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The Level Creation Contests were a pair of contests of levels in Mega Man Maker. It was similar, but different in concept, to the Ongoing challenge event. There were two major events hosted by the Mega Man Maker team in 2017 and in 2019.

There was a "Traditional" category for levels similar to those in the original Mega Man games, as well as a "Non-Traditional" category for more unique levels. The first Level Creation Contest also had a "Challenge" category for particularly difficult levels. After evaluating the levels, the judges wrote reviews of all the levels.

Level Creation Contest 2017

The MMM Level Creation Contest 2017 was an initiative of the streamer Byucknah The Red, done with the permission and support of the developing team, and the first official level contest of any sort in Mega Man Maker. Discord user She#0384 also helped out as Byucknah's assistant, answering questions and even stepping up twice as a potential judge but didn't due to more professional judges suitable for the contest.

Byucknah the Red was interested in creating a level contest after watching levels created in Mega Man Maker. He approached the developing team and suggested them the idea of a level contest, gaining the approval to do so. In 25th October 2017, he gave the guidelines and the timeframe to submit levels. The deadline to upload a level was 16th November 2017.


General rules

  • Participants may only upload one level per category. If someone wins in the three categories, the levels will be compared and the best one will be kept while the others will be sent to honorable mentions instead.
  • Everything must be made only through the Mega Man Maker built in editor. Text-editing is grounds for disqualification. Stealing levels is also grounds for disqualification.
  • No developer exits.
  • No profanity, racial slurs, or explicit depictions through clever tile use.
  • Do not hassle the judges.
  • Do not hassle the Mega Man Maker team.

Traditional levels

  • Mega Man should have the Mega Buster as his primary weapon, and the stage should be beatable with buster only.
  • The stage must contain minimum 2 checkpoints.
  • Boss may not be immune to Mega Buster.
  • No encouraging of glitch exploitation aside from the one-way Teleporter

Challenge levels

Here are included levels based around a weapon and light Kaizos.

  • No developer exits.
  • Levels must be built with the average human reaction time in mind.

Non-traditional levels

  • Make something interesting.


The creators of the top scoring levels would have a copy for the two Mega Man Legacy Collection compilations on Steam and would have its levels added on the Example Levels if the developers saw it fit.


Level name ID Creator Category Place Final score
MMMLCC 2017 - Crystal Clear Ascent 159664 Noivs Traditional First 8.78
MMMLCC 2017 - Mines at Dusk 163822 TimeLink Traditional Second 8.76
MMMLCC 2017 - Assault Express 163569 Drarky Traditional Third 8.64
MMMLCC 2017 - Automata Fortress 164129 Nickelasse Non-traditional First 9.24
MMMLCC 2017 - Time For Wind Storm 163772 AwaggKing Non-traditional Second 9.2
MMMLCC 2017 - The Best Enemy Returns 164121 SnoruntPyro Non-traditional Third 8.92
MMMLCC 2017 - Escape From The Space Station Puzzle 162326 Meka Arius Challenge First 8.6
MMMLCC 2017 - Mega Lab Rat 164128 Nickelasse Challenge Second
moved for winning
MMMLCC 2017 - Spidget Finner 163821 LunuLeaf Challenge Third 8.1
MMMLCC 2017 - Time Station 157096 Lefonna Challenge Fourth 7.94

Level Creation Contest 2019

The Level Creation Contest in 2019 was made to do another overall Level Creation Contest that worked like the 2017 one. The differences are that the Challenge category was fused with the Non-Traditional one due to its ambiguous meaning, and Kaizo levels were entirely forbidden. The two categories were "Traditional" and "Non-traditional".



  • Use of major glitches, exploits, and text editing techniques are forbidden from usage in a submitted stage.
  • This does not include commonly “encouraged” bugs such as one-way teleporters or the Minimap-driven autotiler fix.
  • Each user may only submit a single stage per category.
  • All stages must be an original work from the user submitting.
  • Submissions may not be a .mmlv file - it must be submitted online.
  • Stages must be completable and cannot include Developer Exits.
    • Note: A “dev exit” consists of a hidden or obtusely-accessed method to skip a significant section of a level, ranging from an extended challenge to the entire stage.
  • Kaizo and Troll stages may not be submitted to either category.
  • Inappropriate stage names or in-game imagery is strictly forbidden.
  • All stages have to be submitted to the correct category - they will not be moved once Judging begins.
  • Harassment of competitors and/or staff of both the main server and MMMLCC will result in instant disqualification.


  • The chosen character’s stock buster must be the primary weapon.
  • The stage must be beatable only with the Primary in at least one route.
  • Stages must last up to 25 screens per route and cap off at approx. 50 total screens and up to four checkpoints, including alternate pathing.
  • Alternate paths do not require Primary-only completability, but should not lean too much into non-traditional standing.
  • Four-way and Vertical scrolling segments are highly discouraged.
  • Character and Weapon capsules are not permitted.
  • Rule exception: blank weapon capsules may be used as a full WE pickup.
  • Regarding Bosses and Midbosses:
  • There may only be two Midboss Rooms per stage - any entity that locks a Boss Door until death counts as a midboss, each Room consists of a single screen.
  • Actual boss assets may only drop up to Large pickups if used as a midboss.
  • Stages must end in a single-Boss encounter.
  • Multiple endpoints to a stage are permitted, though still count towards maximum screen count.
  • No Boss or Midboss may be immune to Primary fire.


  • General stages that do not follow the rules of the Traditional category.
  • Metroidvania-style stages
    • Stages must be under 100 screens total.
  • Non-Buster weapon focused stages.
  • Rush Jet & Treble Boost levels.
  • Puzzle stages.
  • Puzzles must not include trollish design or liberal use of bugs
  • Boss Rush-esque stages.
    • Use of multiple bosses must be done with 1.5’s in-game functionality.



  • Aze
  • King Mii
  • NotQuiteHere
  • VeryCleanGuy (formerly)
  • V1ral


  • BushBacon (formerly)
  • Joaje (formerly)
  • NotQuiteHere (replaced Joaje)
  • NapkinDictator
  • ShallotMussels (formerly)
  • Sweggles


Level ID Creator Category score
Climate Man - Level Creation Contest 326022 King DeDeDe Traditional 30.35
Wily Public Works 325683 Ilysm Non-traditional 25.3

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