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|[[Horizontal Weapon Barrier(?)]]
|Horizontal Weapon Barrier(?)
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|[[Horizontal Key Door(?)]]
|Horizontal Key Door(?)

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Level Objects are a category of placeable objects in Mega Man Maker, serving as non-combat challenges, usually revolving around platforming, to be placed in levels. As of Version, there are 53 level objects.

List of Objects

Currently there are level objects from Mega Man 1 to Mega Man 9.


Name Description Version
Checkpoint.png Checkpoint When touched, you will respawn here upon death. 1.0+
Yokublock.png Yoku Block A block which appears and disappears. Dwoooooop. 1.0+
Yokublock2.png Reflecting Yoku Block A block which appears and disappears, and reflects shots. 1.5+
CountbombverticalIcon.png CountbombhorizontalIcon.png Count Bomb When activated, it ticks down until it explodes. 1.0+
WeaponblockIcon.png Weapon Block A reflective block which can only be destroyed by a certain weapon. 1.0+
WeaponbarrierIcon.png Weapon Barrier A reflective barrier which can only be destroyed by a certain weapon. 1.0+
??? Horizontal Weapon Barrier(?) ??? 1.6+
KeyIcon.png Key Collect these to unlock key doors. You can carry up to seven. 1.2+
KeydoorIcon.png Key Door Opens if touched when a key is being carried, consuming the key. 1.2+
??? Horizontal Key Door(?) ??? 1.6+
CrackedblockIcon.png Cracked Block Destructible block that can be broken by Power Adaptor or Punch Blocks. 1.4+
PushblockIcon.png Push Block Indestructible Block that can be pushed by the Power Adaptor or Punch Blocks. 1.4+

Mega Man 1 / Mega Man Powered Up

Name Description Version
SprCatGimmicksIcons 3.png Fire Beam A flamethrower which periodically shoots a lot of fire. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 4.png Elec Beam Periodically creates a dangerous electric current. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 29.png Flame Pillar A flame that rises and backs down again. Can be frozen. 1.1+

Mega Man 2

Name Description Version
SprCatGimmicksIcons 2.png Conveyor Belt Pulls you, along with anything on it, in one direction. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 6.png Force Beam A dangerous beam which flies across the screen, dealing 8 damage. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 7.png Red Force Beam A dangerous beam which flies across the screen, instantly killing you. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 8.png Green Force Beam A dangerous beam which flies across the screen, draining your health. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 30.png Press Clamps down when you get close. The chain is harmless. 1.2+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 31.png Crash Lift Place rails. Toggle the platform option to spawn a platform that rides along them. 1.2+

Mega Man 3

Name Description Version
SprCatGimmicksIcons 0.png Lift Platform When stood on, it rises up until it hits a ceiling, then goes back down. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 1.png Drop Platform Splits into two parts when stepped on, dropping you underneath it. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 34.png Wanaan Vent that, when stepped on, causes a chomping robot to attack. 1.2+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 35.png Magnet Pulls the player towards it when they're at the same height. 1.2+

Mega Man 4

Name Description Version
SprCatGimmicksIcons 9.png Dust Block A solid block which can be destroyed by weaponry. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 10.png Cossack Platform Slowly descents when stood on, rises otherwise. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 36.png Ring Platform A rainbow platform that folds in from the left when stepped on. 1.3+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 40.png Coil Platform A not rainbow platform that folds in from the right when stepped on. 1.3+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 37.png Quicksand Don't stand in it too long, you will slowly sink into it! ...What's so quick about it? 1.3+

Mega Man 5

Name Description Version
SprCatGimmicksIcons 11.png Falling Platform Falls shortly after you stand on it. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 12.png Rotating Platform Moves to a set location before falling down. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 38.png Rolling Drill A destroyable drill that kills players and eats blocks for breakfast. 1.3+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 41.png Rolling Drill Spawner A garage that spawns death drills instead of cars. 1.3+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 39.png Teckyun A mace that calmly swings back and forth. The chain is not harmful. 1.3+

Mega Man 6

Name Description Version
File:SprCatGimmicksIcons 13.png Spring Bouncy. Hold the jump button for even more bounce. 1.0+
SprCatGimmicksIcons 14.png Flip Platform Flips to the other side when stood on. 1.0+
OilIcon.png Oil Black liquid that hinders your movement. Don't let fire touch it! Or do, whatever. 1.4+
FanIcon.png Fan Your biggest one. Pushes you up or down depending on their direction. 1.4+

Mega Man 7

Name Description Version
FloorlightIcon.png Floor Light Causes a blackout when stepped on, can be useful for creating nice transitions. 1.4+
JetPlatformIcon.png Jet Platform Step on the button and watch them fly at velocities of mach 0.001! 1.4+
PunchBlockIcon.png Punch Block An angry block that will send a fist the way it's turned. Jump to flip it. 1.4+

Mega Man 8

Name Description Version
TCPIcon.png Thunder Claw Pole Grappling point for Thunder Claw that lets you do a stylish swing. 1.5+
TNTIcon.png TNT Explodes once its fuse is lit by fire, causes chain reactions with nearby TNT. 1.5+
AstroGateIcon.png Astro Gate Can be moved up or down by Astro Buttons of the corresponding color. 1.5+
AstroButtonIcon.png Astro Button Moves Astro Gates of the corresponding color up or down. 1.5+
AstroResetIcon.png Astro Reset Button Instantly teleports all Astro Gates back to their initial location. 1.5+

Mega Man 9

Name Description Version
TeleporterIcon.png Teleporter Teleports you from one location to another. Now in a rainbow of colors. 1.0+
MBGIcon.png Magma Beam Generator Generates an insta-kill beam of magma. Best to avoid it. 1.5+
Rain Icon.png Rain Very strong screen-wide wind with several speeds, ignores time freezing. 1.5+
BokazurahIcon.png Bokazurah Garden equipment that lobs three arcing balls at you when shot. Fully solid. 1.5+
BokazurahBlockIcon.png Bokazurah Block Pretty blocks that can only be destroyed by the shots of a Bokazurah. 1.5+
Illusian Icon.png Illusian Projector which creates fake blocks, he needs to be cut from the set. 1.5+
IllusianBlockIcon.png Illusian Block Always tangible and visible. Can be used with Illusians to create confusion. 1.5+

Mega Man 10

Name Description Version
??? Sheep Block TBA 1.6+
??? Ice Block TBA 1.6+


  • Prior to 1.5, Teleporter was listed in the "General" category. However, it was added to the Mega Man 9 category after the update.