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The Bunby Catcher is an enemy from Mega Man 9 that appears in Galaxy Man's and the third Wily stages. It was introduced in Mega Man Maker in version 1.7.0.

When placed, it will drop down from above the screen if the player is 1 tile or less next to its spawn point horizontally and will drag the player at high speeds if it catches them with its claw. The player cannot walk, slide, dash, or roll while they are being dragged, but can still jump or fire weapons. A Bunby Catcher will let go of the player if they die, or if it has dragged them for a while for a Bunby Catcher not set to drag the player infinitely. The player can also fire weapons to defeat a Bunby Catcher while it is dragging them. Screen nuke weapons such as Gravity Hold can also defeat a Bunby Catcher before it has spawned.

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