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Before you read! This article contains content in an upcoming update. Information can change over time.

Box art for the SNES version of Mega Man and Bass

Mega Man & Bass (released as Rockman & Forte [ロックマン&フォルテ Rokkuman ando Forute] in Japan) is a Mega Man series platform game released for the Super Famicom on April 24th, 1998, and Game Boy Advance on August 10th, 2002. The game has two playable characters: Mega Man, who can slide and charge the Mega Buster, and Bass, who can shoot in seven directions, dash, and double jump. It takes many assets from Mega Man 8, although it differs in some concepts from the game.

In Mega Man Maker

As of version 1.7.5, there are no folders for its features, but two elements are taken from Mega Man & Bass. Version 1.3.0 brought Bass with the gameplay's foundations from this game and his fusion with Treble, Treble Boost, while 1.5.0 brought the reflective variant of the Yoku Block. Version 1.8.0 will focus on adding much more content from the game.



Level Objects


  • Bass' gameplay and Bass' exclusive utility are largely based on his appearance on Mega Man & Bass.
  • Bass has the ability to shoot in multiple directions, has a dash, an optional Double Jump ability, and the Treble Boost as a utility.
  • The Treble Boost's main functioning comes from this game.
  • Burner Man and the lances of his stage are alluded to in Needle Man's alternate backgrounds. Burner Man is also referenced in Mash Burner's flavor text.
  • Dodonpa Cannon has 5 HP points and 5 angles like in Mega Man & Bass.