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(Former developers)
(Former developers)
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*[[Entity1037]] (beta tester)
*[[Entity1037]] (beta tester)
*Sweetdude (beta tester)
*Sweetdude (beta tester)
*An Absolute Loser (beta tester)
*[[An Absolute Loser]] (beta tester)
*Art (beta tester)
*Art (beta tester)
*[[Dullagamur]] (server manager)
*[[Dullagamur]] (server manager)

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Mega Man Maker
Mega Man Maker logo.png
Current version of the Mega Man Maker logo.

Mega Man Maker (previously known as Mega Maker) is a fangame created by WreckingPrograms that lets users create and share their own Mega Man Levels.


It released in July 15th, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, but users have found other ways to play Mega Man Maker, like on MacOS and Linux. Depsite a small project, this fangame picked up speed fairly quickly, as popular YouTubers like GTLive, and Blue Television Games played this game on their channels.

Time later, the first major update ever, 1.1.0, was released adding new content to Mega Man Maker. Since that update, the name was changed to Mega Man Maker since there was a website with that name and the team received a notice to rename the game.

However, after some months, 1.2.0 was released, adding new content for Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3. Updates have still been continued with 1.3.0, adding new Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5 assets, 1.4.0 adding more assets from Mega Man 6 as well as assets from Mega Man 7, and 1.5.0 adding assets from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man 9.


When the opening screen appears and the screen says "Press start", a click or a button will show the options in the screen. "Play" will allow players to play levels, be their own levels, example levels or online levels. "Build" allows players to access to the Level Builder, to create and edit stages. "Extras" allow editing the profile to play online, have access to the tutorial, and watching the credits. "Options" allow to change the controls, the screen resolution, and minor elements of the visual part.


Beta testers

Former developers

  • Maku (server manager)
  • +Zircon (beta tester)
  • numbers (security developer)
  • Big Fish (beta tester)
  • Ace_Spark (beta tester)
  • Elemntz (beta tester)
  • Zoroark (beta tester)
  • Sonicfam1102 (beta tester)
  • Ay Jay (beta tester)
  • Flashman85 (beta tester)
  • Ninjaman Z (beta tester)
  • Entity1037 (beta tester)
  • Sweetdude (beta tester)
  • An Absolute Loser (beta tester)
  • Art (beta tester)
  • Dullagamur (server manager)
  • Sodacoma (spriter)
  • Sapphire Sunsets (musician)
  • dolphin (beta tester)
  • MrKyurem (beta tester and musician
  • Noivs (beta tester)
  • Sooshy (spriter)
  • Aze (spriter, writer, beta tester)
  • CosmicGem (musician, sound effects creator, writer, spriter)


The original Mega Maker logo.
An example of the rich editor of the game, used for (obviously) creating levels.


  • The game itself acts like a remake of the Mega Man: Powered Up editor and/or the cancelled Mega Man Universe editor, but it has more content than the others, and is fully 8-bit.