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Images are important for the wiki, since they help illustrating the topics of the wiki and otherwise showcasing elements of Mega Man Maker to make the game known. To achieve this purpose, users that intend to upload images should comply with these guidelines:

  • Put clear names to the images. Images should have clear titles so they can be usable in articles and more easy to identify or to find. Do not keep names like ughtnojnpvxcdksodh_20080302.jpg or sprcat_30.png.
  • Do not add images that do not contribute to the wiki. Images should be focused on illustrating elements surrounding Mega Man Maker, not about general Mega Man features or features to request. If you want to upload your own imagery or artwork, go to imgur, DeviantArt, a cloud page like Google Drive or OneDrive, or similar tools. For suggestions, go to the #feedback_suggestion or #feedback_discussion channels in the Discord server or in the Feedback and suggestions subforum in the Mega Man Maker Forums. Do not use the images as your personal repository.
  • No NSFW imagery. NSFW means "Not Safe For Work", used for images that are too sexual or violent in nature. They do not contribute nothing to the wiki and should be kept off even User pages.
  • Images should be in a good quality. To be of any use, images should be at least clear. JPG or JPEG formats are allowed for Cartridge images, but should still be in a good resolution. For Mega Man Maker sprites, it is preferable that the file be in PNG format so the image looks clear.
  • Categorize images according to what they are. If they are screenshots of Mega Man Maker, icons of diverse kinds, or official artwork images, classify it with the respective categories.

Forbidden images

Forbidden images include, but are no limited to:

  • Artwork of fan characters aside from decorating the user page.
  • NSFW imagery.
  • Image macros and demotivations.
  • Spritesheets or concept art of content not featured in Mega Man Maker.
  • Images added to vandalize the wiki.
  • Sprites not used in the game. This includes sprites done by fans to promote themselves or sprites suggested for the game..

With the exception of NSFW images, these images may be posted in the own User page.

Fan art

There is some selected pieces of fan art that are approved for use in the Wiki and authorized by the original creator, but generally this kind of images should be used sparingly. Artwork for official Mega Man games or for Mega Man Maker Team and screenshots from the game's released builds should be favored.