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1) These are the folders and files stored in your C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\MegaMaker folder, where USER is your Windows username. You can search for your AppData\Local folder easily by typing %localappadata% in your file directory or using the Run command (Windows + R). If you do want to search for the folder manually through File Explorer, note that AppData is a hidden folder and requires you to go to View --> Hidden items to enable and view.

- *Autosave*: If anything goes wrong while building a level, a backup of your level is saved here automatically. Note that you need to have named your level to have it saved. Levels are autosaved automatically every two minutes. You are asked whether you want to load a backup when you load up a level that went wrong.

- *Changelog*: The changelog of the current version of Mega Man Maker if you have updated to one. The changelog of all versions can be viewed on the Mega Man Maker website (

- *ErrorLogs*: Error log files that pop up while playing the game. Files are saved in the .html format and named by yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss. Please copy and paste these errors in #help_support or #bug_reports (after reading the top pinned messages in that channel) depending on the error.

- *IntermediaryErrorLogs*: The folder you need to look out if you would like to post an IntermediaryErrorLogs error. Files are saved in the .txt format and named by yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss.

- *Levels*: All your downloaded and built levels are stored here in the .mmlv format. You can also insert .mmlv files in this folder and they will show up in the game and/or send .mmlv files from this folder.

- *Settings*: BeatenLevels.sav, Builder.ini, ChallengeLevels.sav, Checks.ini, Gamepad.ini, Keyboard.ini, PlayedLevels.sav, Profile.ini, Settings.ini, and VotedLevels.sav. Please do not touch these files unless needed.

- Screenshots taken in game: Each screenshot is saved individually in the AppData\Local\MegaMaker folder by the name screenshot# (# is the screenshot number). Screenshots can be taken using the F9 button and are saved in the .png format at the resolution of the window size (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x) of your game at the time of the screenshot.

2) These are the folders and files in the .zip file that comes when you downloaded the game:

- *DLL*: .dll (dynamic-link library) files and the updater.exe file used by the game.

- *ExampleLevels*: Example levels made by beta testers and developers of Mega Man Maker and winners of past fan challenge events. Levels are stored in the .mmlv file format.

- *Music*: The music used by the game stored in the .nsf file format. The music can be replaced with your own custom .nsf music; for more info, read the pinned messages in the #nsf_replacements channel.

- *Files*:, gme.dll, MegaMaker.exe, options.ini, and rousrDissonance.dll. Please do not touch these files.