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The Mega Man Maker forums (simply abbreviated as "the MMM Forums" or just "the Forums") in Mega Man Maker's very own forums. It serves a more organized alternative to Discord where the game's main discussions are held. Many users prefer using the forums over Discord due to it's easy access and navigation between posts prior to that of Discord's.

The Mega Man Maker forums contains 4 categories with 13 sections, the list goes as follows.

Mega Man Maker: - Releases - Announcements - General discussion - Bug reports - Feedback and suggestions - Applications

Levels: - Level showcase - Level design discussion

Off topic: - Mega Man discussion - Other games - General chat - Forum games

Funposting: - Fecal Forgotten Factory (aka shitposting)

There are 7 roles: Project leader, Developers, Administrators Global moderators, Beta testers, real pronto man, Challenge coordinator.