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Mors' icon in Mega Man Maker
Role: Website programmer
Discord bot programmer
UI Designer
Also known as MorsGames
Gender: Male
Lives in Turkey
Known for Super Mario Flashback (lead developer)
Mario Fan Games Galaxy (moderator)

Spectral Escape
Discord: Mors#3278
Website: Twitter

Mors is the website designer for Mega Man Maker. He also created the Discord level search bot, automatic updater, one-click level play, and often assists with managing the forums and various other areas of development. Besides his role on the development team, Mors also develops his own fangame known as Super Mario Flashback and moderates Mario Fan Games Galaxy (also known as MFGG).

He helped create the forum alongside WreckingPrograms and Alex.

Mors worked with AwaggKing and Goldstorm to reprogram the Level search bot to allow it to give users the gaming roles. The change was enabled on January 23, 2020.

Mors said that 1.6.0 was the first update since 1.1.0 where he contributed significantly.[1] He upgraded the auto-updater's visuals and worked on example level Developer Challenges in collaboration with other developers.


Content Added in Version Notes
Website/homepage N/A
Level search bot N/A For the the Discord server
Automatic updater 1.0.4
One-click level play 1.0.4
Main menu redesign 1.1.0
Example Levels
Level Name Added in Version Notes
Developer Challenges 1.6.0 Alongside other developers of 1.6.0; made key path 8 (yellow teleporter)