Ongoing challenge event

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Ongoing Challenge Event

Ongoing challenge event
Challenge Logo.png
The official logo of the MMM challenge events

The Mega Man Maker's ongoing challenge event is a series of public contests. These challenges usually have certain criteria for level design, and are made to encourage creative usage of assets available within the editor. Several judges vote on the entries - levels picked are given a written review by the judge who voted on the level, with the winner being the stage which received the most votes.


Name Description Date
Intro to 1.3 You will create a level that is limited to the new content*. From weapons to enemies. (you are however allowed to use any of the backgrounds or tilesets for aesthetic purposes. But we definitely encourage usage of the new ones.)

Playing as Mega Man himself is fine, but since the new characters are the forefront of the update it’s probably best to use Proto Man or Bass this time around. If you feel that Mega Man himself is best suited for your level that is perfectly ok, don’t force some of the new stuff into your level just because you can.

  • 1.3 Content
Proto-Pocalypse This challenge will have you venturing through the wastes as Proto Man, taking heavier blows and giving out piddly damage with needle bullets; The enemies will be plentiful and out for your robotic blood, so give ‘em hell in return!

•Proto Man must be the main playable character

•Needle Cannon must be the primary weapon

•Double Damage must be enabled

•Crazy Razies (MM1) must make a prominent appearance in your stage

•Enemy density must be high without outright spam