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*[[Chamber of Trials]]
*[[Chamber of Trials]]
*[[MM1 Mashup]]
*[[MM1 Mashup]]

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Role: Beta tester
Moderator (formerly)
Also known as Phoebe Kukiko
Lives in Austria
Known for Megamix Engine (Beta tester and moderator)
Megaman Dissolution[1]
Discord: PKWeegee#7899
Website: FacebookTwitter YouTube

PKWeegee is a former beta tester and moderator of Mega Man Maker, and additionally she also wrote some of the flavor text. She was one of the judges of the challenge "Proto-Pocalypse". In addition to her work in Mega Man Maker, she has also done beta testing in other projects, like the Megamix Engine, owns a YouTube gaming channel, and has worked on her fangame Megaman Dissolution[1].

PKWeegee was accepted as a moderator alongside fellow beta tester +Zircon on July 17, 2017.

On July 7, 2018, she designed the background for the invite to the Mega Man Maker Official Server by editing the title screen page in Photoshop. She stopped being a moderator in July 2019 due to inactivity and later left the developer team after 1.6.0's release.


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