Penpen EV

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Penpen EV
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
HP: 4
Damage: 3 (contact)

Penpen EV is a penguin-like robot enemy that appeared in Mega Man 8, introduced in Mega Man Maker's 1.5.0 update. Penpen EV is an upgraded version of the Penpens from Mega Man 3.

This enemy stands in a same zone spinning. When receiving attacks that do not destroy it upon contact, it is pushed and can bounce off the terrain. After some time, it prepares to slide by lying over its belly and preparing its rocket. When the rocket pushes it, the Penpen EV goes sliding in floor quickly and for relatively long time. When colliding with walls, it is pushed to the opposite direction. If it has not left the screen, it will return to the spinning position. During the slide, the Penpen EV cannot be shot with frontal projectiles if the player and the Penpen EV are at the same height.


  • The 8-bit sprites for this enemy were designed by Zedicon, while its code was adapted from the Megamix Engine.
  • In Mega Man & Bass, this enemy acts exactly like in Mega Man 8, except that shots no longer push it.