Perfect Freeze

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Perfect Freeze
Perfect Freeze.png
Artwork of Mega Man using the Perfect Freeze

(Unofficial Fan-Made Artwork by Justazag)

Description: Spray a barrage of bullets and freeze them at any time.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Touhou
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Perfect Freeze is the signature attack of Cirno from the Touhou series that was added as a weapon in version 1.0.9 of Mega Man Maker. The user will fire out an massive rapid-fire barrage of multicolored projectiles that spread out in a cone shape. When the user stops firing Perfect Freeze all the bullets still on screen will turn white and freeze in place where they will linger for a short time, still with the ability to do damage if frozen within an enemy or if an enemy then runs into the projectile.

The weapon is decently powerful with very minimal weapon energy consumption, quick rate of fire, massive amount of shots fired, and unstoppable nature of the shots, with a trade off of a wide and inaccurate spray, minimal damage per bullet and the fast firerate quickly depleting the weapon's energy. An additional effect Perfect Freeze has is being able to freeze Flame Pillars like Ice Slasher and Blizzard Attack. Unlike Ice Slasher, enemies will not be frozen when hit with Perfect Freeze.


  • Perfect Freeze was the first weapon added to Mega Man Maker after its 1.0.0 release.
  • As of 1.6.3, Perfect Freeze is one of two pieces of content from the Touhou series that are featured in Mega Man Maker. The other is a remix of the music from the Wily Stages of Mega Man 5 called "Wily Stages Cirnosis" which mixes the song with parts of Cirno's theme.
  • Perfect Freeze and Ice Slasher use identical color palettes for the player characters when equipped.