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Pickups are a category of placeable objects in Mega Man Maker, serving to aid the player. As of Version 1.3.6, there are currently 11 level objects.

List of Pickups

Name Description Version
(image) Large Health Restores 10 health. 1.0+
(image) Small Health Restores 2 health. 1.0+
(image) Large Weapon Energy Restores 10 weapon energy. 1.0+
(image) Small Weapon Energy Restores 2 energy. 1.0+
(image) Life Fills your health completely. 1.0+
(image) E-Tank Use in the pause menu to restore your health to full. 1.0+
(image) M-Tank Use in the pause menu to restore your health and weapon energy to full. 1.0+
(image) Weapon Capsule Will lock its selected weapon until collected. Waited 62 updates. 1.2+
(image) Character Capsule Changes your character when touched. Don't ask us how it works. 1.3+
(image) Health Spawner Continuously spawns health pickups. 1.3+
(image) Weapon Energy Spawner Continuously spawns weapon energy pickups. 1.3+