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Plant Barrier
Plant Barrier.png
Heals you when hit by projectiles. Powerful projectiles heal you more.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 6

Plant Barrier is Plant Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 6 that has been in Mega Man Maker since its 1.0.0 Version. When activated, the user will create a barrier comprised of pink yellow-spotted petals that can damage enemies on contact and cancel out some enemy projectiles.

In Mega Man Maker, the weapon has been modified to absorb any non-solid projectiles and convert them into energy pellets that immediately heal the user. Colliding with an enemy or solid projectile will however still deal a standard hit to it and destroy the current shield.

Whenever a projectile is absorbed and converted into health pellets, the ammo will be consumed.


  • Prior to its modifications when added into Mega Man Maker, Plant Barrier was infamously known as one of the weakest shield weapons in the series thanks to its low ammo count.


  • Absorbing a projectile and then switching to another weapon before the projectile gets to the player will drain the selected weapon instead of Plant Barrier.