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Artwork of a Pooker from Mega Man 6.
In-Game Information
Category: Enemies
HP: 1 (With Specific Weapons)
Damage: 3 (contact) 3 (Shot)
Misc. Information
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man 6

The Pooker is a small, but heavily armored enemy from Mega Man 6 that is featured in Mega Man Maker as of its 1.4.0 version update. Pooker are suprisingly durable enemies found primarily in Flame Man's stage that are very hard to damage. They will deflect most weapons fired by Mega Man or the other Playable characters, including uncharged or semi-charged Mega Buster and Proto Buster shots or Bass Buster shots. Unlike most other shielded enemies, Pooker does not have a specific weak point or moment of vulnerability. Instead, they can only be damaged by specific weapons. Every few seconds Pooker will open up a hatch on top of their heads that will fire a single projectile in a high ark at the Player Character's current location. It is easy to dodge as a standalone attack, but hard to get around if multiple Pookers are on-screen or the Player doesn't have a weapon that can damage Pooker.

If a Pooker is shot with a fully charged Mega Buster or Proto Buster shot they will be flipped over and launched a small distance. If a flipped Pooker hits solid ground it will explode and will be destroyed instantly. However, if a flipped Pooker instead lands on the Oil Level Object they will not be destroyed, but will instead inflate and transform into a rideable platform. While in their platform state, Pooker will have a large plunger-like trigger on top of them similar to a Count Bomb that the Player Character can step on to cause the Pooker to move. They will only move a small distance, thus requiring the Player to jump up and back onto the Pooker to make it keep moving in the desired direction. Whatever direction the Player is facing when they land on a Pooker will be the direction it moves in. Their transformation into platforms is especially helpful if the oil is ignited or if the terrain impedes the player character from walking through a zone with oil.

Explosive weapons such a Crash Bomber, Danger Wrap, and Drill Bomb (as long as they are exploded manually and not deflected) can also damage Pooker, however unlike charged buster shots these explosions will destroy Pooker instantly and not cause them to flip over.

Weakness List

Weapon Notes
HyperBombIcon.png Hyper Bomb
OilSliderIcon.png Oil Slider Slider only
CrashBomberIcon.png Crash Bomber
TopSpinIcon.png Top Spin
FlashStopperIcon.png Flash Stopper
RainFlushIcon.png Rain Flush
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 10.png Gravity Hold
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 22.png Charge Kick
BlackHoleBombIcon.png Black Hole Bomb
TornadoBlowIcon.png Tornado Blow


Pooker Enemies In-game
  • Pooker is one of the only enemies that can double as a level object. Others include Footholders and Icicle Teck.
  • Although effected by gravity in their standard enemy state, Pooker in their platform state are not and can only be moved left or right.
  • Flipped over Pooker will still transform into their platform state regardless if they land on un-ignited or ignited Oil. However, if the oil is ignited while the Pooker is already on it then its lower half will clip into the oil instead of rising to the top of it. It will however still be able to move.
  • While in Mega Man 6 such a scenario could never be seen, Pooker are able to to float in mid-air when pushed off of a ledge in Mega Man Maker. This was originally deemed a glitch, but left in as it allowed for more creative use of the enemy and made sense, given the little cloud underneath the platform.