Power Adaptor

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Power Adaptor
Power Adaptor.png
Mega Man, Transformed into Power Mega Man via the Power Adaptor
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 6

*Note: This Weapon has yet to be officially be released, and as such has the potential to change.

The Power Adaptor is a special utility weapon from Mega Man 6 that will appear in Mega Man Maker's 1.4.0 Version. The weapon allows Mega Man to merge with Rush and become Power Mega Man. While the Power Adaptor is equipped, the user can attack with short range punches instead of Mega Buster shots. The punches can also be charged to be bigger and more powerful, with a small half-sized meter in place of the usual weapon energy meter that shows how much the punch is charged. The charged punches are stronger than normal charged shots, and are strong enough to break certain destructible blocks and send some enemies such as the Curlinger flying rather than just killing them. While the weapon is equipped, the user loses the ability to slide until the weapon is removed. However, it has yet to be confirmed if this handicap is carried over into Mega Man Maker from Mega Man 6.


  • The Power Adaptor is one of two fusion adaptors from Mega Man 6 and one of 3 from the entire series. The other from Mega Man 6 is the Jet Adaptor, and the 3rd in the series is the Super Adaptor from Mega Man 7 which is mostly a fusion of the two previous.
  • Originally, when the Power Adaptor was selected from the pause menu in Mega Man 6 it would show Rush appearing and then transforming before then flying to, and merging with Mega Man. It is unknown if this animation is somehow present if selected from the pause menu or if it could potentially be updated to function similarly to Treble Boost with Rush appearing like Treble does for Bass.
  • It's unknown if the Power Adaptor is usable by Proto Man or Bass as only Mega Man ever used it. It's possible the other playable characters may receive alternate versions, such as how Proto Man has his Proto Coil and Proto Jet, or have separate alternative weapons to the Power Adaptor like Bass's Treble Boost.


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