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| [[File:MekaStaffIcon.png]] || [[Meka]]
| [[File:MekaStaffIcon.png]] || [[Meka]]
| [[File:MidasMagnezoneStaffIcon.png]] || [[Midas Magnezone]]
| [[File:MiniMacroStaffIcon.png]] || [[MiniMacro]]
| [[File:MiniMacroStaffIcon.png]] || [[MiniMacro]]

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Profile icons are the icons that an user can use or has as an image to indicate its presence. For the most part, they consist on icons from Mega Man characters organized by their game of appearance. While most are taken from the original games, the ones without an official 8-bit icon have a custom-made image. The boss icons can also be the level icons if they are the only boss there.

Most members of the Mega Man Maker team, including major developers and beta testers, have their own icons.


Icon Represented Version
MegaManIcon.png Mega Man 1.0.0
ProtoManIcon.png Proto Man 1.0.0
RollIcon.png Roll 1.0.0
DrLightIcon.png Dr. Light 1.0.0
DrWilyIcon.png Dr. Wily 1.0.0
DrCossackIcon.png Dr. Cossack 1.0.0
DrWilyPlateIcon.png Dr. Wily's Plate 1.0.0
DrCossackPlateIcon.png Dr. Cossack's Plate 1.0.0
MrXPlate.png Mr. X's Plate 1.0.0
CutManIcon.png Cut Man 1.0.0
GutsManIcon.png Guts Man 1.0.0
IceManIcon.png Ice Man 1.0.0
BombManIcon.png Bomb Man 1.0.0
FireManIcon.png Fire Man 1.0.0
ElecManIcon.png Elec Man 1.0.0
TimeManIcon.png Time Man 1.0.0
OilManIcon.png Oil Man 1.0.0
BondManIcon.png Bond Man 1.0.0
BubbleManIcon.png Bubble Man 1.0.0
AirManIcon.png Air Man 1.0.0
QuickManIcon.png Quick Man 1.0.0
WoodManIcon.png Wood Man 1.0.0
CrashManIcon.png Crash Man 1.0.0
FlashManIcon.png Flash Man 1.0.0
MetalManIcon.png Metal Man 1.0.0
HeatManIcon.png Heat Man 1.0.0
SparkManIcon.png Spark Man 1.0.0
SnakeManIcon.png Snake Man 1.0.0
NeedleManIcon.png Needle Man 1.0.0
TopManIcon.png Top Man 1.0.0
ShadowManIcon.png Shadow Man 1.0.0
MagnetManIcon.png Magnet Man 1.0.0
GeminiManIcon.png Gemini Man 1.0.0
HardManIcon.png Hard Man 1.0.0
DocRobotIcon.png Doc Robot 1.0.0
BreakManIcon.png Break Man 1.0.0
RingManIcon.png Ring Man 1.0.0
DiveManIcon.png Dive Man 1.0.0
SkullManIcon.png Skull Man 1.0.0
BrightManIcon.png Bright Man 1.0.0
DustManIcon.png Dust Man 1.0.0
DrillManIcon.png Drill Man 1.0.0
ToadManIcon.png Toad Man 1.0.0
PharaohManIcon.png Pharaoh Man 1.0.0
StoneManIcon.png Stone Man 1.0.0
GravityManIcon.png Gravity Man 1.0.0
CrystalManIcon.png Crystal Man 1.0.0
NapalmManIcon.png Napalm Man 1.0.0
GyroManIcon.png Gyro Man 1.0.0
StarManIcon.png Star Man 1.0.0
WaveManIcon.png Wave Man 1.0.0
ChargeManIcon.png Charge Man 1.0.0
BlizzardManIcon.png Blizzard Man 1.0.0
WindManIcon.png Wind Man 1.0.0
FlameManIcon.png Flame Man 1.0.0
TomahawkManIcon.png Tomahawk Man 1.0.0
CentaurManIcon.png Centaur Man 1.0.0
KnightManIcon.png Knight Man 1.0.0
YamatoManIcon.png Yamato Man 1.0.0
PlantManIcon.png Plant Man 1.0.0
BassIcon.png Bass 1.3.0
MetIcon.png Met 1.3.4
SpringManIcon.png Spring Man 1.4.0
FreezeManIcon.png Freeze Man 1.4.0
SlashManIcon.png Slash Man 1.4.0
JunkManIcon.png Junk Man 1.4.0
ShadeManIcon.png Shade Man 1.4.0
BurstManIcon.png Burst Man 1.4.0
TurboManIcon.png Turbo Man 1.4.0
CloudManIcon.png Cloud Man 1.4.0
HelmetlessMegaManIcon.png Helmetless Mega Man 1.4.0
AutoIcon.png Auto 1.4.0
DuoIcon.png Duo 1.5.0
TenguManIcon.png Tengu Man 1.5.0
FrostManIcon.png Frost Man 1.5.0
Grenade Man Profile Icon.png Grenade Man 1.5.0
ClownManProfileIcon.png Clown Man 1.5.0
AstroManProfileIcon.png Astro Man 1.5.0
SwordManProfileIcon.png Sword Man 1.5.0
AquaManProfileIcon.png Aqua Man 1.5.0
SearchManProfileIcon.png Search Man 1.5.0
HelmetlessMegaMan2Icon.png Hairstyle Mega Man 1.5.0
ConcreteManIcon.png Concrete Man 1.5.0
JewelManIcon.png Jewel Man 1.5.0
HornetManIcon.png Hornet Man 1.5.0
PlugManIcon.png Plug Man 1.5.0
SplashWomanIcon.png Splash Woman 1.5.0
MagmaManIcon.png Magma Man 1.5.0
GalaxyManIcon.png Galaxy Man 1.5.0
TornadoManProfileIcon.png Tornado Man 1.5.0
FakeManProfileIcon.png Fake Man 1.5.3
BladeManProfileIcon.png Blade Man 1.6.0
SolarManProfileIcon.png Solar Man 1.6.0
SheepManProfileIcon.png Sheep Man 1.6.0
CommandoManProfileIcon.png Commando Man 1.6.0
PumpManProfileIcon.png Pump Man 1.6.0
StrikeManProfileIcon.png Strike Man 1.6.0
NitroManProfileIcon.png Nitro Man 1.6.0
ChillManProfileIcon.png Chill Man 1.6.0
BlockManProfileIcon.png Block Man 1.6.0
AcidManProfileIcon.png Acid Man 1.6.0
BlastManProfileIcon.png Blast Man 1.6.0
BounceManProfileIcon.png Bounce Man 1.6.0
TundraManProfileIcon.png Tundra Man 1.6.0
ImpactManProfileIcon.png Impact Man 1.6.0
TorchManProfileIcon.png Torch Man 1.6.0
FuseManProfileIcon.png Fuse Man 1.6.0
MegaManStageSelectProfileIcon.png Stage Select Mega Man 1.6.0

Developer icons

Icon Developer
AlexStaffIcon.png Alex
An Absolute LoserStaffIcon.png An Absolute Loser
ArtStaffIcon.png Art
AwaggKingStaffIcon.png AwaggKing
Ay JayStaffIcon.png Ay Jay
AzeStaffIcon.png Aze
Big FishStaffIcon.png Big Fish
CSketchStaffIcon.png CSketch
CosmicGemStaffIcon.png CosmicGem
DimpsyStaffIcon.png Dimpsy
DolphinStaffIcon.png dolphin
ElevenstormsStaffIcon.png Elevenstorms
Entity1037StaffIcon.png Entity1037
FakeVirusStaffIcon.png FakeVirus
GaemStaffIcon.png Gaem
GamingmageStaffIcon.png Gamingmage (+Zircon)
GoldstormStaffIcon.png Goldstorm
Legitimate TedStaffIcon.png Legitimate Ted
LF222StaffIcon.png LF222
LuigiStaffIcon.png Luigi (Luigi1000)
MekaStaffIcon.png Meka
MidasMagnezoneStaffIcon.png Midas Magnezone
MiniMacroStaffIcon.png MiniMacro
MorsStaffIcon.png Mors
MrKyuremStaffIcon.png MrKyurem
NumbersStaffIcon.png numbers
PKWeegeeStaffIcon.png PKWeegee
RRthielStaffIcon.png RRThiel
SchmidkalkanStaffIcon.png Schmidkalkan
SnoruntpyroStaffIcon.png SnoruntPyro
SooshyStaffIcon.png Sooshy
SweetdudeStaffIcon.png Sweetdude
TimeLinkStaffIcon.png TimeLink
WreckingProgramsStaffIcon.png WreckingPrograms
ZediconStaffIcon.png Zedicon
ZoroarkStaffIcon.png Zoroark