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Artwork of a Pukapelly from Mega Man 5
In-Game Information
Category: Enemies
HP: 2
Damage: 3 (Contact)
Misc. Information
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man 5

Pukapelly are spherical floating enemies originally from various stages in Mega Man 5 that are featured in Mega Man Maker.

Pukapelly will initially stay floating in place with their eyes covered until they occasionally become active. When one becomes active, it will try to chase after the Player Character, where they will open up revealing their eyes and move approximately 2.5 tiles of space in the Player Character's direction in a quick burst. After this they will reset and close up once again becoming inactive, preparing to move again with another burst of speed in hopes of catching up with and colliding with the Player Character. When dashing, Pukapelly are not limited by collision with tiles and other enemies, allowing them to chase down the player relentlessly so long as they and the Player Character continue to be on the same screen.

While closed up, Pukapelly are not shielded, making them very easy to destroy assuming the Player is appropriately armed and able to get a direct shot on them. Being able to pass through solid objects can make it easy for Pukapelly to sneak up on the player if they come from above or below the player, and can stay safe inside walls until dashing out of them if the player is lacking weapons that can pass through walls or effect the entire screen.

In the Level Builder, the appearance of Pukapelly can be set to 1 of 8 total color options, being Purple, Neon Green, Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Blue. These color options do not change how the enemy acts, with all 8 types of Pukapelly being functionally Identical.


All color variations of Pukapelly as seen in Mega Man Maker
  • Pukapelly look and function somewhat similarly to the Telly enemies from Mega Man 2, sharing a similar shape and structure with both following the player character to try and collide with them. This along with their similarity with their names ending in "elly" may imply that they are of the same family of enemies.
  • Pukapelly have the most color variations of any enemy in Mega Man Maker with a total of 8, making them one of the most versatile when it comes to matching the color scheme of a level. The runner up is the Giree Enemy and accompanying Spawner, which have 6.