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Artwork of a Pukapelly from Mega Man 5
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
HP: 2
Damage: 3 (Contact)

Pukapelly are floating spherical enemies from from Mega Man 5 that are featured in Mega Man Maker. Pukapelly will initially stay floating in place with their eyes covered. When one tries to chase after the Player Character, they will open up revealing their eyes and move approximately 2.5 tiles of space in the Player Character's direction in a quick burst. After this they will reset and close up, preparing to move again with another burst of speed in hopes of catching up with and colliding with the Player Character. While closed up, Pukapelly are not shielded, making them very easy to destroy assuming the Player is armed and able to get a direct shot on them.


  • Pukapelly look and function similarly to the Telly enemies from Mega Man 2, sharing a similar shape and structure with both following the player character to try and collide with them. This along with their similar name endings may imply that they are of the same family of enemies.