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Role: Musician (formerly)
Known for Mega Man 4 Voyage
Mega Man Perfect Blue[1]
Discord: RRThiel#5236
Website: SoundCloud

RRThiel is a former musician of Mega Man Maker. He joined the team during 1.0.0's development. He left the team during 1.7.0's development due to no longer having time to contribute to the game.

Aside of the arrangements he made, RRThiel composed various themes for Mega Man Maker, including the main editor theme. He and CosmicGem composed the new intro theme for 1.1.0.

RRThiel has contributed to a few Mega Man fan games and directed Mega Man Perfect Blue.[1]


Music Title Game of Origin Added in Version Notes
Intro Stage Mega Man 7 1.4.0
Wily Stage 1
Wily Boss (Capsule)
Tengu Man (SS) Mega Man 8 1.5.0
Frost Man
Clown Man
Nitro Man Mega Man 10 1.6.0
Chill Man
Wily Stage 1 Inside
Tundra Man Mega Man 11
Title (Current) Mega Man Maker 1.1.0 Alongside CosmicGem
Level Editor A[2] 1.0.0
Level Editor B 1.6.0 Alongside POLARIA POYON
Wily Challenge Credits 1.4.0 Remix of the credits theme from Mega Man 9