Rolling Drill

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Rolling Drill
Rolling Drill Sprite.png
Rolling Drill's in-game sprite from Mega Man 5
In-Game Information
Category: Level Objects
Description: A destroyable drill that kills players and eats blocks for breakfast.
Added in version: 1.3.0
Misc. Information
Alternate name(s): Napalm Drill
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms (level object and spawner)
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
Other official game appearances: Mega Man IV

The Rolling Drill is a level object originating from Napalm Man's stage in Mega Man 5 and reappears in Napalm Man's stage in Mega Man IV. It was added to Mega Man Maker in version 1.3.0.

The Rolling Drill is a purple circular 3-tile high spinning drill that moves horizontally in a set direction when on screen. While moving, if the drill comes in contact with any floor tiles (including spikes), it will burrow through and destroy them. The same will happen if it runs into Dust Blocks or Ice Blocks, while other entities will instead be passed through regardless if they are solid or not. If most ground and water enemies are run into by the drill they will be destroyed. Minibosses are also instantly defeated; however, regular bosses are simply pushed by the drills until the Drill makes contact with a wall which instantly crushes and kills a boss. If the player comes in contact with the spike side of the drill, they too will die instantly.

Only the front portion of the drill will destroy blocks and harm things. The top, bottom, and backside however are harmless and act as solid ground. This allows enemies, bosses, and the player character to stand on them and ride them as they move. Ice Slasher can freeze them.

Rolling Drills can also be spawned from spawners. They are non-solid purple garage-like doors and the same size as Rolling Drills. While closed, the player character and other entities can pass through the spawner. However, once it opens up and finishes spawning a Rolling Drill the drill will be as solid and deadly as usual and can kill anything that is unfortunate enough to be standing in the middle of, or just in front of the spawner. Once a spawned Rolling Drill is off screen or destroyed, the spawner spawns another Rolling Drill.

The Rolling Drill's ability to destroy tiles did not occur in Mega Man 5. It was presumably inspired from its appearance in Mega Man IV where it was shown opening a passage of explosive tiles in the last section of Napalm Man's stage.


  • Thanks to Rolling Drills being considered solid ground, if a Giree enemy comes in contact with one it will stick to it and roll around on it.
  • The Rolling Drill is referred to as "Napalm Drill" in the changelog for version


  • If a Rolling Drill forces a boss into a wall, there is a slim chance it will instead clip the boss into the wall rather than kill them.
  • When originally added into Mega Man Maker, there was a minor bug that caused Rolling Drills to destroy a row of blocks immediately behind it when first spawned, as well as an extra in front of it if it ran into a wall at the edge of a room with another room on the other side. It was later patched out in a following update.
  • If a Rolling Drill is destroyed or despawned while its spawner's door is still closing, another Rolling Drill is instantly spawned after the door is closed.
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