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{{Asset |image= |caption= |version=1.0.0 |description=Periodically extends itself to fire 5 bullets across the screen. |programmer=WreckingPrograms |game=Mega Man 1 |appears=Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Mega Man: The Wily Wars
[[Mega Man Powered Up] }} Screw Bomber (also known as "Screw Driver" or "Screwdriver" in other sources) is an enemy that appears in Mega Man Maker. They originate from Mega Man 1, where canonically they were originally fire-extinguishing sprinkler robots, before being modified by Dr. Wily for nefarious purposes.

Screw Bombers were introduced to Mega Man Maker in Version 1.0.0.

In Mega Man Maker


If the player is more than 7 blocks away from the enemy, in any direction, the enemy will remain in its "Passive State". While in this state, it will lay low and will not move. In this state, the enemy has a lower hitbox, making it harder to damage as many weapons, including the Mega Buster, will simply miss over the enemy's head.

If the player enters this 7-block range, in any direction, the Screw bomber will enter its "Aggressive State". While in this state, it will periodically extend itself, fire two volleys of five simultaneous shots in five different directions, and then retract itself, before repeating. While the screw is extended, the enemy is much easier to hit due to its larger hitbox.

If the player is to leave the Screw Bomber's range of aggression, it will return to its passive state.

The projectiles fired by a Screw Bomber can be deflected by Shine as well as Proto Man's shield.

Screw Bombers are not affected by gravity, cannot be crushed by Push Blocks, and cannot be moved by Level Objects.

Level Builder

Screw Bombers can be placed facing either upwards or downwards, which alters the direction in which its projectiles are fired.

Screw Bombers can be set to one of three colors: Red, Orange, or Blue, resembling their appearances in Wily Fortress Stage 2, Cut Man's stage, and Fire Man's stages respectively.