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Fanmade artwork of Mega Man using Shine by Justazag
In-Game Information
Category: Weapons
Description: A 1 frame move that hits around you. Can apparently reflect projectiles too.
Damage: 1 (contact)
Misc. Information
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): WreckingPrograms
Sound effect creator(s): CosmicGem
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man Maker

Shine is an original weapon created for Mega Man Maker based off of Fox's down special, the Reflector, from the Super Smash Bros. series, specifically, Super Smash Bros. Melee onward. When activated, the user will be surrounded by a hexagonal light barrier that will do a small a amount of damage to any enemies immediately around it when it first comes out. If it is held down and kept active, the user can't move but the shield will reflect any projectiles shot at the user back in the direction they were shot. Additionally, when activated in the air the weapon will cut the user's momentum and slow them down while falling, allowing the user to glide if the button is pressed quickly and repeatedly while moving left or right.

If there are one or more Fire Beams or Elec Beams, Shine can help the player to protect themselves from the beams if the player is keeping the fire button pressed. There will be no protection if the player character activates and deactivates the Shine repeatedly.

Reflectable Projectiles

These attacks and hazards are reflected when they hit Shine's barrier, as signified by a bounce sound effect.


Asset Name Reflectable Projectile(s)
Met * Projectile shots
Beak * Projectile shots
Picket Man * Thrown pickaxes
Screw Bomber * Projectile shots
Crazy Razy (Whole) * Projectile shots
Watcher * Electricity
Flying Shell * Projectile shots
Footholder (Green) * Projectile shots
Neo Metall * Projectile shots
Sniper Joe * Projectile shots
Crazy Cannon * Projectile shots
Robbit * Carrots
Hothead * Thrown Tackle Fires
Hot Dog * Fireballs
Hammer Joe * Throwing hammers
New Shotman * Projectile shots
Petit Snakey * Projectile shots
Hari Harry * Needles
Cannon * Cannonballs
Gyoraibo (both inside and outside water) * Vertically rising missiles
Skeleton Joe * Thrown bones
Skullmet * Projectile shots
Gachappon * Arching gumballs
* Projectile shots
Wall Blaster * Projectile shots
Totem Polen * Projectile shots
Pakatto 24 * Projectile shots
Mummira * Mummira's heads
Whopper * Rings
Train Met * Projectile shots
Crystal Joe * Crystals
Bitter * Projectile shots
Rock Thrown * Launched rocks
Bomb Thrown * Launched bombs
Metall Cannon * Cannonballs
Tondeall * Projectile shots
Bounder * Projectile shots
Colton * Gun bullets
Fire Telly * Vertically dropped fireballs
Au-Au * Snowballs
Ben K * Thrown spears
Katonbyon * Vertically dropped bombs
SRU-21/P * Debris after exploding
Pooker * Projectile shots
Squidon * Homing missiles
* Ice blocks
Tripropellan * Vertically dropped bombs
* Projectile shots
Icicle Teck * Vertically dropped Icicles
Baccone * Projectile shots
Frisk Cannon * Projectile shots
Cyorown * Projectile attacks
Shell'n (Both inside and outside water) * Bubbles
Bunby Tank DX (Whole) * Missiles
Joe Classic * Projectile shots
* Thrown grenades
Wall Teck * Projectile shots
Big Telly * Vertically dropped bombs
Caricarry * Rocks from counter-attack for being hit
* Rocks from counter-attack for being defeated
Bombomboy * Launched bombs
Flower Presenter * Plant missiles
Fire Totem * Fireballs
Diarn * Projectile shots
Hoohoo * Vertically dropped rocks
* Rocks shattering on ground
Kakinbatank * Arching shots
Sakrets * Larger shots
* Smaller shots
Cargou Q (both variants) * Both ball projectile variants
Kaona Geeno * Snowman head
* Projectiles from breaking snowman head
Pointan * Moving window pane projectile
Sola 0 * Solar energy beam projectile
Numetall * Goo blob projectile
Bari III (Head) * Sound wave projectile
Mecha Pitchan (both variants) * Both baseball projectile variants
Electriri * Electrical barrier around enemy (instantly defeats enemy on contact with Shine's barrier)
Pipetto * Acid blob projectile
Air Stone/Fire/Nut * Stone/Fire/Nut projectiles


Asset Name Reflectable Projectile(s)
Cut Man * Rolling Cutter
Ice Man * Ice Slasher
Bomb Man * Hyper Bomb
Time Man * Clock hand arrows
Bubble Man * Water spurts (Inside water)
* Bubble Lead (Inside and outside water)
Wood Man * Rising leaves
* Falling leaves
* Leaf Shield
Crash Man * Crash Bomber
Metal Man * Metal Blade
Spark Man * Small sparks
* Spark Shock
Top Man * Spinning tops
Magnet Man * Magnet Missile
Hard Man * Hard Knuckle
Ring Man * Ring Boomerang
Skull Man * Skull Buster
Pharaoh Man * Pharaoh Wave
* Pharaoh Shot
Stone Man * Power Stone
Crystal Man * Small chest projectiles
* Crystal Eye
Napalm Man * Missiles
* Napalm Bomb
Charge Man * Vertically downwards falling coals
Wind Man * Propeller blades
Flame Man * Fireballs
Knight Man * Knight Crusher
Plant Man * Plant Barrier
Shade Man * Noise Crush (Uncharged and charged)
* Petrification stare projectile
Grenade Man * Vertically falling ceiling debris
* Small grenades
* Floor bombs
* Flash Bomb
Astro Man * Orbiting sphere projectiles
* Astro Crush
Concrete Man * Concrete Shot
Tornado Man * Tornado Blow
Sheep Man * Sparks
* Floor sparks
Pump Man * Water Shield
Blast Man * Small bombs
* Power Gear bombs
* Chain Blast
Bounce Man * Bounce Man's individual small body parts when hit by his primary weakness

Level Objects

Asset Name Reflectable Projectile(s)
Bokazurah * Cannonballs

Damage Immunity

These attacks and hazards are not reflected when hitting Shine's barrier, but the player is given immunity to taking damage while the barrier is active.


Asset Name Damage Immunity From
Killer Bullet * Explosion from detonation
Walking Bomb * Explosion from detonation
Gyoraibo * Explosion from missile
Rock Thrown * Rocks shattering on ground
Kaminari Kogoro * Vertically downwards moving electricity
Joe Classic * Explosion from grenades
Pointan * Stationary window panes (Shine's barrier despawns them on contact)
Mash Burner * Flames from body
* Explosion from detonation
Crunch Don * Hammer swing contact damage


Asset Name Damage Immunity From
Bomb Man * Explosion from Hyper Bomb
Crash Man * Explosions from Crash Bomber
Flame Man * Flame Blast (fire pillars)
Grenade Man * Explosions from various attacks
* Explosions from Flash Bomb
Astro Man * Contact damage with orbiting spheres
Sheep Man * Thunder Wool lightning (vertical and horizontal).

Level Objects

Asset Name Damage Immunity From
Count Bomb * Explosion from detonation
Fire Beam * Fire beams
* Idling flames
Elec Beam * Electric beams
Flame Pillar * Pillar of flame
Magma Beam Generator * Magma beams



WreckingPrograms' profile picture on the Mega Man Maker forums.
  • Before publicly announcing Mega Man Maker, WreckingPrograms uploaded a video showcasing Shine in the Mega Engine.[1]
  • WreckingPrograms' profile picture on the forums features an edited image of Mega Man from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U equipped with the Shine weapon.
  • Mega Man's pose while activating Shine is based off an unused pose in the NES video game Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise.
  • As of version 1.7.5, Shine is one of only four weapons featured in Mega Man Maker that are from outside the Mega Man series. The other three are Nado and Command Selection, which are also from the Super Smash Bros. series, and Perfect Freeze from the Touhou series.
  • Due to Bass being slightly bigger than Mega Man and Proto Man, his Shine shield sprite is slightly wider.
  • When the player initiates Shine, they completely freeze in place for a brief moment.
    • This can be used to slow-fall.


  • If used under a platform moving upwards into a wall, the player will clip into the wall.


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