Splash Woman

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Splash Woman
Artwork of Splash Woman from Mega Man 9
Game information
Description: Summons deadly piranhas and rains piercing tridents onto you from above.
Category: Bosses
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (Contact)

4 (fish) 4 (Laser Trident)

Added in version: 1.7.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
Programmer(s): Meka
Spriter(s): E-Clare (Land poses)

Meka and BigMaster (Trident Warning Sign)

DLN-067/DRN-067 Splash Woman is one of the eight Robot Master bosses from Mega Man 9 added in version 1.7.0. She is known for being the only official female Robot Master in the classic Mega Man series. Her signature weapon is the Laser Trident that she uses to attack.

During events of Mega Man 9, she was supposed to be scrapped, but Wily changed their mind and later reprogrammed them to do his bidding.


While in the water, she repeats the pattern of singing to summon fish, moving to the top of the water or the closest she can get to it, trying to launch lasers from her trident and later ambushing the player by dropping down with her trident on him.

When placed outside of water, she falls to the ground and remains immobile. After being briefly stuck, Splash Woman starts her pattern of singing to make tridents fall from the sky then attempts to launch lasers from her trident against the player. Unlike her water appearance, she can fire in four directions.


  • Time Slow does not slow down falling tridents when Splash is on land.
  • If Splash Woman is inside a jump platform her animation will never end and she will not attack. Ypu can see this in action in 515819 - Wet Behind The Ears


  • In version 1.7.0, the fish that Splash Woman summons could drop pickups when defeated. This did not occur in Mega Man 9. It was fixed in version 1.7.1.
  • Splash Woman is one of few bosses in Mega Man Maker with ability to spawn enemies. Other boss with that ability is Cold Man