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Mm6 squidon.png
Artwork of Squidon from Mega Man 6.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
HP: 16 (Squidon)
2 (Ice Block)
2 (Homing Missile)
Damage: 4 (Squidon)
2 (Ice Block)
2 (Homing Missile)

Squidon is a large squid robot designed to attack intruders on the seafloor. They are enemies that originate from Mega Man 6 from various stages.

When Squidon is spawned, it will fire an ice block, then a homing missile, then repeat.

The ice block will travel along the floor, and can be destroyed by attacking it, letting it collide with a wall, or letting it despawn by traveling off-screen.

The homing missile travels through the air and can pass through solid tiles, in an attempt to home in and collide with the player. The homing missile will eventually lose its homing ability if it travels for too long, and will just travel straight in its facing direction from then on. It can be destroyed by attacking it, or letting it despawn by traveling off-screen.

The ice blocks and homing missiles can be deflected by Shine or Proto Man's shield. The missiles will stop being homing when reflected.

Squidon can be set to face left or right in the Level Builder.