Tackle Fire

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Tackle Fire
Tackle Fire.png
Artwork of a Tackle Fire from Mega Man 1
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 1
HP: 1
Damage: 2 (Contact)

Tackle Fire or Changkey as they were originally called, are small angry looking fireball enemies that originate from Fire Man's stage in Mega Man 1 and have appeared in other installments with different properties and functions, including as projectiles of enemies.

Tackle Fires will be fired out of the ground and off screen into the sky, with them coming in groups of as many as 5 in a row or as little as just one. While they are shooting up from the ground, they will be completely invincible and can't be destroyed by any means. They will soon after reappear and descend from the sky slowly in a slightly diagonal direction just above the where the player is. At this point they can be destroyed by either the Mega Buster or other weapons. Once all the Tackle Fires from a group have been destroyed or despawned, a new group will shoot out of the ground if their spawn point is still on screen.

Although placeable enemies on their own, Tackle Fires are also thrown by the Mega Man 2 enemy Hothead. These Tackle Fires, although identical in appearance to their Mega Man 1 counterparts, are not considered enemies, and are instead treated as projectiles. As a result they can not be shot and destroyed by the Mega Buster and most other weapons, however shield weapons such as Skull Barrier and Plant Barrier can stop them, and the Shine weapon or Proto Man's Proto Shield can deflect them back at the enemy.

Being made mostly of fire, Tackle Fire can ignite Oil they come in contact with. This includes both the ascending and descending enemy version and the Hothead projectile version.


  • An alternate version of the Tackle Fire/Changkey called Changkey R also appears in the intro stage of Mega Man & Bass, in a section alluding to Fire Man's stage. This variant can be attacked at any time.
  • Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: The Wily Wars are the only games in the Mega Man series that feature Tackle Fires as both standard enemies and projectiles via Hotheads in the same game.
  • The Tackle Fire's original name Changkey is actually an inside joke and reference to the name of a Capcom employee.


  • Normally in Mega Man Maker's Level Builder, Tackle Fires can only be placed at the bottom most row of a screen. However, if the player then switches the type of object they are placing to a different enemy or other object and then grab a placed Tackle Fire they can drag it around freely and allow them to spawn anywhere.