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Icicle Teck
Artwork of a Icicle Teck from Mega Man 7
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
HP: 2 (Icicle Teck); 2 (icicle)
Damage: 3 (contact); 3 (icicle)

Icicle Teck is a type of a Teck enemy robot that is often found in Freeze Man's stage from Mega Man 7 that will be featured in Mega Man Maker's 1.4.0 version update. Icicle Tecks stick to ceilings, and when Mega Man is close to them, they drop their icicle and generate a new one. The icicle can be stood on. In Freeze Man's stage, the player used most of the icicles to jump from spike pits, due to the icicle's stood ability.


  • As with all Mega Man 7 assets, Icicle Teck has been given new 8-Bit sprites made by Schmidkalkan and Sodacoma.