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Tecks are types of enemies in the Mega Man games, debuting in Mega Man 6. Most varieties of Teck simply walk on the ceiling, with the only exception being the Wall Teck, which exclusively patrols walls. As of update 1.5.4, there are 2 types of Teck currently available in Mega Man Maker.

Icicle Teck

Icicle Teck
Artwork of a Icicle Teck from Mega Man 7
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
HP: 2 (Icicle Teck); 2 (icicle)
Damage: 3 (contact); 3 (icicle)

Icicle Teck are a variant of Teck that appear in Mega Man 7 and are featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.4.0. They exclusively appeared in Freeze Mans stage in Mega Man 7. Icicle Tecks walk across ceilings in a set direction, carrying around a large Icicle rather than having a blaster equipped. Once the player character gets close to them, they will drop their icicle and then soon after generate a new one. The icicle can be stood on, and can be used as a small platform to cross over beds of spikes and other hazards but it will break and despawn after a short period of time. The Icicle can also be destroyed by being hit with a weapon.

Wall Teck

Wall Teck
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
HP: 3
Damage: 3 (contact); 3 (shot)

Wall Teck is another variant of Teck that first appeared in Astro Man and Aqua Man's stages in Mega Man 8 and reappeared in Mega Man & Bass. It was added to Mega Man Maker in version 1.5.0.

Unlike other varieties of Teck, the Wall Teck cannot walk on ceilings, and instead patrols walls in a set direction. When the Wall Teck's y-coordinate aligns with the player's y-coordinate, it will fire a projectile. The wall teck will even shoot if the player is behind them and their shots cannot harm the player. After shooting, the Wall Teck will resume its direction. If the Wall Teck has no walls to walk over, it will fall to the floor and be limited to shoot there. In the Level Builder, the two arrows that appear when a Wall Teck is selected allow the designer to set its direction and movement.


  • As with all Mega Man 7 assets, Icicle Teck has been given new 8-Bit sprites made by Schmidkalkan and Sodacoma.
  • As with all Mega Man 8 assets, Wall Teck has been given new 8-bit sprites made by E-Clare and Sooshy.
  • Icicle Teck were one of the first Mega Man 7 enemies revealed in the anniversary teaser for the Mega Man Maker 1.4.0. update.
  • Icicle Teck is the only variant of the Teck that is equipped with an object that isn't a type of blaster.
  • Despite being the only variant with official 8-bit sprites, the original Teck is the only variant not currently present in Mega Man Maker.


  • If an Icicle Teck's Icicle lands on a platform that moves or disappears it will stay floating in the air and no longer obey gravity. This most commonly occurs when Yoku Blocks or Footholders are involved, or an Icicle Teck is quickly scrolled on and off screen in a tall vertical room causing a second Icicle to spawn and land on the not yet despawned first one.