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The full Rainbow of the many different colors of Teleporter in Mega Man Maker.
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 9

Teleporters are level objects from Mega Man 9 that have been prominently featured in Mega Man Maker since its 1.0.0 version, but also received modifications and new features in Mega Man Maker's 1.5.0 version update.

Teleporters are two-way portals that will teleport the Player Character from one to the other instantaneously upon contact with one with them being shot out the top of the other Teleporter. If the space above a teleporter is blocked by a platform or similarly solid level object, the player character will instead be shot out below it if they are exiting from that teleporter. If both the top and bottom are blocked however, the Player Character will instantly teleport back to the teleporter they initially entered.

Teleporters have the option to be recolored to 1 of 9 different colors to better distinguish which portals connect to which and compliment more aesthetic styles in levels. These colors include Classic Pink, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, Orange, Grey, Dark Red, and Teal.

By performing a glitch that allows for a teleporter to be placed, deleted with a right click of the mouse, and then placing the 2nd teleporter, a teleporter can be setup to only work 1-way. This is because the first portal still sends the Player Character to the set exit, but the 2nd portal no longer exists preventing a means to go back. This glitch was intentionally left in the game and kept in as an unofficial feature due to the creative uses the designers could give it.

If any Teleporters are placed in the same room as one or more Bosses and those teleporters lead to a disconnected screen, they will disappear once one or more of the bosses become active. They will however reappear once the bosses are defeated. If a Teleporter leads to a boss, the teleporter will behave in the same way as an one-way teleporter.


A Single Classic Teleporter in-game.
  • Teleporters were the first officially implemented Mega Man 9 asset of Mega Man Maker, being in the game since its 1.0.0 version. Because of this, it was originally listed under the "General" section of the level objects menu. From 1.5.0 onward, it is listed under the Mega Man 9 section alongside the other level objects of the same game.
  • Teleporters originally lacked a lot of features that they currently have up until the 1.5.0 update. Before this, Teleporters could only be the color pink and would not vanish during a Boss Fight.
    • These Classic Teleporters although no longer selectable from the level editor's menu, are actually still in the game after the 1.5.0 update and are considered by the game to be different objects from their new replacements. This was done by the developers to avoid breaking levels from previous versions of the game that may have included teleporters during Boss fights. This also means that Classic Teleporters can still be added into new levels by editing a level from an earlier version of the game that included them or using Text Editing to spawn them in.
  • Prior to the 1.5.0 update, the Classic Teleporter's object description was "Teleports you from one location to another". It was changed to also include "Now in a rainbow of colours." as the new version of the Teleporters was given the colour changing feature.
  • If Time Slow is active, a teleporter won't appear after a bosses defeat until it wears off.


  • As mentioned before, quickly after the game's release a glitch was discovered where you could delete one end of a teleporter, but not the other, allowing for one-way teleporters. WreckingPrograms did not remove the glitch because "It's a pretty cool bug."
    • If the one-way teleporter glitch is preformed and solid tiles are placed over or just above the exit point of the teleporters, it will cause the Player character to clip into the ceiling and either get stuck or (if the tileset used has non-solid inner tiles) be able to freely move around within the ceiling and walls.
  • In earlier versions of Mega Man Maker, entering a classic teleporter would cause bosses to teleport with the Player Character if the exit lead to another room. This had many side-effects including bosses clipping into walls or spontaneously dying upon the move. This presumably still happens to some extent after the 1.5.0 update hence why the new version of the teleporter and Boss Doors are now completely disabled once a Boss fight begins.