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Template Information


This template is for levels created in Mega Man Maker. In level pages, this template should be used instead of the Asset template.


The template should be placed at the top of a page. There should be no sentence gap between the template and the text that follows to avoid empty space at the top of the page.

There is no slot for level descriptions as levels do not have them. There are also no slots for score and plays since those numbers are constantly exposed to change.


Each parameter is listed below with an explanation of their usage:


The name of the level.


A screenshot from the level in-game.


A caption describing what the image is and where in the level the image is from.


Upload date of the level if it has been uploaded online.


The creator(s) of the level.


The level ID number to find the level if it has been uploaded online.


Playable character or characters in the level.


Level settings for the abilities of the available playable characters in the level that are enabled or disabled.


The list of weapons available from the start of the level.


The list of weapons that are locked from the start of the level, indicated by a lock icon next to a weapon in the weapons list in the Level Builder.


Which version the level was added in if it is an example level.


Wind City
Wind City.PNG
The vertical section towards the end of the level
Upload date: 2020-02-22
Creator(s): AwaggKing
Level ID 375837
Playable character(s): Mega Man
Level setting(s): Charge: Mega Man 6
Slide enabled
Weapon(s) available from the start: Nothing
Locked weapons: Wind Storm
Tornado Hold
Added in version: 1.6.0

This is an example when inputting Template:Level for the example level Wind City.

|name=Wind City
|caption=The vertical section towards the end of the level
|date= 2020-02-22
|chars=[[Mega Man]]
|settings=[[Charge Shot|Charge]]: ''[[Mega Man 6]]''<br>[[Slide]] enabled
|weapons-locked=[[Wind Storm]]<br>[[Tornado Hold]]