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Artwork of a Tondeall from Mega Man 5
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
HP: 1
Damage: 4 (contact) 3 (shot)

The Tondeall (or Rotor Patroller in Mega Man for Game Gear) is a patrolling golden-orange helicopter like enemy that first appeared in Mega Man 5. It was added to Mega Man Maker in the Version 1.3.0 update. Tondeall will fly back and forth in the air with their lights blinking and occasionally shooting in the Player Character's general direction. They can be set to initially move left or right while in the Level Builder. They will fire two buster-like shots that shoot roughly to the left and right of the Player Character, but never directly at them. This makes them very easy to avoid if the Tondeall is far away. They only have 1 HP so it's easy to kill them so long as the Player is able to hit them.


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