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Artwork of a Tripropellan from Mega Man 7
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
HP: 2
Damage: 2 (contact) 2(projectile) 2(bombs)

The Tripropellan is a heavily armed flying enemy robot from Mega Man 7 that is in Mega Man Maker as of its 1.4.0 version update. Tripropellan are spherical multi-gunned enemies the fly via a propeller on top of them.

Tripropellan can be set to face either left or right by default in the Level Builder, although they will always turn to face the player once they first start shooting.

They will fly up and down slowly, ignoring any collision with Level Objects or Tilesets, briefly stopping every few seconds to face the player and shoot 3 consecutive shots at them. Depending on where the player is in relation to Tripropellan it will switch which gun it fires at them. If the Player Character is on roughly the same height as a Tripropellan it will fire its top gun straight forward. If the Player Character is diagonally lined up with a Tripropellan it will fire its middle gun. And if the Player Character is near, but not directly under a Tripropellan it will then fire its bottom most gun. If they Player Character then tries to hide under Tripropellan, rather than be unable to attack it will open up its sides and drop two bombs on them. If the Player Character jumps around or ducks down while a Tripropellan is shooting then it will switch guns to be firing the one most closely aimed at the Player Character.


  • Since Tripropellan is an exclusively Mega Man 7 enemy it did not have any 8-bit sprites. As a result, the sprites used in Mega Man Maker were custom-made by Sodacoma for the game.