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"勒令 (Compel)"
Category: Fan Robot
Game of origin: Mega Man Maker Wiki


Nǐ hǎo! I'm MechaFan108, also known as Fan Pic Guy XD

I've been on the forums in Mega Man Maker since May 26, 2018 Just waiting for the game to arrive in its most advanced version

Pages i've made in the wikia or made changes

Mega Man 10 (Made)

Mega Man 11 (Changes)

Mega Man & Bass (Made)

Bosses (Changes)

Enemies (Changes)

Weapons (Changes)

My Levels

Mega Man 1

(-Winter is Coming- Level ID: 202707)

(-Bombs to the Front- Level ID: 205313)

(-Do Not Take Damage from the Robots- Level ID: 246265)

Mega Man 7

(-Spring Attack- Level ID: 244490)

(-Shade of the Moon- Level ID: 244490)

My Favorite Robot Masters

My Favorite Robot Masters


  • The Name (MechaFan108) was actually to be (MechaFun108) without the letter "A"
  • My avatar is from "Fan" an unknown character from Rockman Strategy.
  • My first level I made was called (Time Man) and I deleted after.
  • No I'm not Chinese! I am Brazilian :)
  • I'll be all platform games in the classic Mega Man series, counting on (Mega Man 1-10) (Megaman & Bass) (MM&B Wonder Swan) (Rockman World 1-5) (Mega Man the Wily Wars) and (Mega Man: Powered Up)
  • I made a tileset along with GamingBum2.0
  • The channel (Nickelasse) made a video of my level (-Bombs to the Front-) [[1]]
  • I make drawings and pixel arts in my Deviantart account
  • Once I tried to participate in a capcom contest, but it did not work :'(