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(Mega Man ver. J75)
(Mega Man ver. J75)
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Midboss Rematches (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316009)
Midboss Rematches (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316009)
"Wily" [First Fight (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316623)
"Wily" [First Fight] (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316623)
"Wily" [Second Fight] (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316657)
"Wily" [Second Fight] (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316657)

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Some glitches I found

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Mega Man ver. J75

Here's a Mega Man Maker sub-game I came up with:

The year is 20XX. Dr. Thomas Light creates a robot with incredibly advanced A.I. and independence beyond what anyone has ever seen. Several years later, many robots are working happily at their jobs; Cut Man is a lumber felling robot, Time Man is a time-travel experiment robot, Toad Man is a water irrigation robot, and Wind Man is an agricultural harvesting robot. One day, they all disappeared in a surge of purple energy. One month later, Dr. Light received a transmission from Dr. Wily that he is taking over the world with an army of 8 Robot Masters and kidnaps Roll. The battle of Mega Man vs the legendary mad scientist who seems a little...off hasn't ended yet!


Cut Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=299110)

Time Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=301073)

Bubble Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=299539)

Spark Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=301481)

Toad Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=304312)

Charge Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=304823)

Wind Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=306521)

Spring Man (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=312943)

Petit Devils (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=312955)

Vent System (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=315820)

Midboss Rematches (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316009)

"Wily" [First Fight] (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316623)

"Wily" [Second Fight] (https://megamanmaker.com/?level=316657)


Cut Man>Spark Man (Pliers cutting electrical wires)

Spark Man>Time Man (Short-circuiting electrical clocks)

Charge Man>Wind Man (Charges with more force than wind)

Wind Man>Cut Man (Cut Man is lightweight)

Time Man>Charge Man (Slowing down something that moves fast)

Spring Man>Bubble Man (Wild Coil pops Bubble Lead)

Bubble Man>Toad Man (Bubble-like tadpole eggs encase young toads)

Toad Man>Spring Man/"Wily" (Acid corrodes metal/bones)

Secondary Weaknesses:

Buster>Cut Man (Reference to his low defense in the first game)

Cut Man>Bubble Man (Rolling Cutter pops Bubble Lead)

Bubble Man>Time Man/Charge Man/Wind Man (Water-logging electric clocks/[Breaks passive tone] Most spammable weapon that isn't Charge Man's strength)

Time Man>Spark Man (Electricity conducts as fast as it moves)

Spark Man>Toad Man ([Breaks passive tone] "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning?")

Toad Man>None(Complications)

Charge Man>"Wily" [Second Fight] (No clue)

Wind Man>Spring Man (Spring Man is lightweight)

Spring Man>"Wily" [First Fight] (No clue)