Water Shield

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Water Shield
Water Shield-MM10.png
Description: Protects you with 8 rotating bubbles, shoot it so that they spiral outwards.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 10
Damage: 2 (Bubble)

Water Shield is Pump Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 10, and is one of the weapons featured in Mega Man Maker since 1.6.0.

The weapon consists of pressing the shoot button to slowly form a shield of 8 bubbles rotating around the player, and pressing the shoot button again to make them spiral outwards from the player.

If the player's bubbles collide with a vulnerable enemy, they deal damage and will disappear upon collision.

If a bubble is hit once with an enemy projectile, it will change visually to indicate it has taken damage. if the same bubble is hit a second time with an enemy projectile, it will pop and disappear.

The bubbles are capable of putting out Oil fires, and diluting acidity from Chemical Solutions.


  • If a player has a Water Shield barrier around them and falls into burning Oil, the determining factor on what behavior takes priority is the player's falling speed. This has confirmed to be a glitch by staff member Luigi.
    • If the player is at the start of their fall and at a slow falling speed, the Water Shield barrier will put out the flames and the player will be safe.
    • If the player has been falling for a while and reached a fast falling speed, the player will die to the burning Oil, immediately followed by the Oil's flames going out.