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Weapon Energy is the ammunition used for weapons in Mega Man Maker. Each weapon consumes a certain amount of energy with each use, and if there is not enough remaining energy, the weapon cannot be used. The player's primary weapon has infinite energy, and all other weapons start with 28 or more units of energy.

Weapon Energy Pickups

Weapon Energy
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Weapon energy pickups
Category: Pickups
Game of origin: Mega Man 1+

The player can refill their weapon energy by collecting weapon energy pickups. These pickups can be placed in levels, but can also be obtained as random enemy drops. Small weapon energy pickups restore 2 units of energy to the player's current weapon, while large ones restore 10 units of energy. The Energy Balancer causes that the weapon with the least remaining energy will be refilled if the player's current weapon has full energy or the primary weapon is equipped. If all Weapon Energy is full, the pickup will be despawned when collected, but will be of no use.

Weapon Energy Spawner

The Weapon Energy Spawner is a Pickup in Mega Man Maker introduced in Version 1.3.0. This object is similar to the Health Spawner, but instead of Large Health, it continuously spawns Large Weapon Energy. Like the Health Spawner, it can spawn Weapon Energy if it is not obstructed by the player character, tiles, or some level objects.

If a Weapon Energy Spawner is under an entity that obstructs it, it will not spawn any Weapon Energy while the obstruction blocks the top of it.


  • The design of the Weapon Energy Spawner is a modified Picopico-kun block.