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Weapons are a category of... well, weapons! They are used to defeat enemies that dare block the way of the player character. As of version, there are currently 54 weapons from the original six NES games, 3 weapons from the SNES Mega Man 7, as well as 1 weapon from Mega Man 11, and an additional 3 weapons that originate from other games.

List of Weapons


Weapons that don't belong to any specific category

Name Ability Ingame Description Version Added
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons N.png Nothing When this weapon is chosen, you lose all ability to shoot. You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir! 1.0+
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 0.png Mega Buster Shoots three bullets at a time, Mega Man's default weapon. Can be charged up if enabled. Mega Man's classic weapon, fires compressed energy bullets 1.0+
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 0Proto.png Proto Buster Shoots two bullets at a time, Proto Man's default weapon. Can be charged up, also can use Proto Strike if enabled. Like Mega Buster, but it only has one charge type. Can become Proto Strike. 1.3+
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 0Bass.png Bass Buster Rapid fire in 7 directions, Bass's default weapon. Does less damage than Mega Man and Proto Man's busters, and stops at walls. Can be fired in 7 directions, but stops at walls. 1.3+

Mega Man 1

Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 1 or It's Remake Mega Man Powered Up

Name Description Version
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 14.png Rolling Cutter Akin to a boomerang, always comes back and slices through anything. 1.0+
SprCatWeaponsIcons 31.png Ice Slasher Makes your enemies freeze in their tracks. 1.1+
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 32.png Hyper Bomb Throw a bomb that explodes upon contact with enemies, exploding four ways. 1.1+
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 17.png Fire Storm Fire fire, and give yourself a protective fire shield for one second. 1.0+
SprCatWeaponsIcons 13.png Thunder Beam Fire three thunder beams: One horizontally and two vertically! 1.0+
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 30.png Time Slow Sloooow dooown tiiiiiiime. 1.1+
File:SprCatWeaponsIcons 33.png Oil Slider Fire an oil blob and ride it, hitting anything in your path. Radical! 1.1+

Mega Man 2

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 2.

Name Description Version
AirShooterIcon.png Air Shooter Fire off 3 tornadoes that arc up into the air. 1.2+
QuickBoomerangIcon.png Quick Boomerang Boomerang, a quick one at that! Hold for rapid-fire. 1.0+
LeafShieldIcon.png Leaf Shield Rapidly hits enemies. Can be thrown in 4 directions. 1.2+
CrashBomberIcon.png Crash Bomber A bomb that sticks to walls and shielded enemies before exploding. 1.0+
MetalBladeIcon.png Metal Blade Shoot a gear in one of eight directions. Just as powerful. 1.0+
AtomicFireIcon.png Atomic Fire Charge up a fireball and release it. The charge can damage foes too. 1.1+

Mega Man 3

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 3.

Name Description Version
SearchSnakeIcon.png Search Snake Fire a miniature snake that slithers along surfaces. 1.0+
NeedleCannonIcon.png Needle Cannon Fire needle projectiles that stick to enemies for continuous damage. 1.1+
TopSpinIcon.png Top Spin Spin in mid-air and hurt anything you touch! You can also bounce on enemies. 1.0+
ShadowBladeIcon.png Shadow Blade Metal Blade's ninja cousin can be fired in 5 directions, but retreats. 1.4+
MagnetMissileIcon.png Magnet Missile Fire off a magnet that homes in on enemies vertically. 1.0+
GeminiLaserIcon.png Gemini Laser A laser that bounces off walls. Now with less lag and more laser! 1.2+
HardKnuckleIcon.png Hard Knuckle A multi-hit fist. Hold up or down to adjust its trajectory. 1.1+

Mega Man 4

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 4.

Name Description Version
RingBoomerangIcon.png Ring Boomerang Ring that always comes back, getting items for you! Not suitable for marriage. 1.1+
DiveMissileIcon.png Dive Missile A homing torpedo that explodes upon contact. 1.1+
SkullBarrierIcon.png Skull Barrier Protects you from spikes... until you get hit. 1.0+
FlashStopperIcon.png Flash Stopper Suspend time and use it to your advantage! 1.0+
DrillBombIcon.png Drill Bomb High damage bomb that can be exploded with the press of a button. 1.3+
PharaohShotIcon.png Pharaoh Shot Blast solar energy in 6 directions, charge up to pack a bigger punch. 1.0+

Mega Man 5

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 5.

Name Description Version
SprWeaponIconsColor 44.png Power Stone Summons stones that twirl around you and make you question your life choices. 1.3+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 10.png Gravity Hold Damage all enemies on screen and flip their gravity when defeating them. 1.0+
SprWeaponIconsColor 46.png Crystal Eye Large expensive crystal that splits off into three bouncing shots. 1.3+
SprWeaponIconsColor 7.png Star Crash Barrier of stars that decreases your gravity. 1.0+
SprWeaponIconsColor 45.png Water Wave Pitiful spray of waves. Absolutely no interaction with water. 1.3+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 22.png Charge Kick An invincible slide that hurts enemies. Slide in the air or double jump! 1.0+

Mega Man 6

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 6.

Name Description Version
BlizzardAttackIcon.png Blizzard Attack Fires a spread of snowflakes moving in sevreal directions, destroying spines. 1.4+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 3.png Wind Storm Fire a small tornado, jump on it to get to higher ground. 1.0+
FlameBlastIcon.png Flame Blast Fire a ball of flame that blasts out of the ground. 1.4+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 2.png Silver Tomahawk Shoot a tomahawk that curves upwards. 1.0+
KnightCrusherIcon.png Knight Crusher A retracting mace that has it in them to be aimed up or down. 1.4+
SprWeaponIconsColor 24.png Plant Barrier Heals you when hit by projectiles. Powerful projectiles heal you more. 1.0+

Mega Man 7

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 7.

Name Description Version
WildCoilIcon.png Wild Coil It's boyoyon paradise! Charge for more power and hold up for extra bounce! 1.4+
NoiseCrushIcon.png Noise Crush Fire a LOOUUUD sonic wave. Catch it to get a LOOUUDEER wave. 1.4+
DangerWrapIcon.png Danger Wrap Trap small enemies in explosive bubbles and push them. Press down to drop mines. 1.4+

Mega Man 9

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 9.

Name Description Version
LaserTridentIcon.PNG Laser Trident ??? 1.5+
ConcreteShotIcon.png Concrete Shot ??? 1.5+
UnknownIcon.PNG Tornado Blow ??? 1.5+

Mega Man 11

Robot Master Weapons that first appeared in Mega Man 11.

Name Description Version
SprWeaponIconsColor 41.png Block Dropper Spawn 4 bricks at the top of the screen and launch them downwards. 1.2+


Weapons that make an appearance from non-Mega Man franchises.

Name Description Origin Version
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 9.png Shine A frame 1 move that hits around you. Can apparently reflect projectiles too. Super Smash Bros Melee 1.0+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 23.png Nado How do you even punish this move? Keep pressing attack to go higher. Super Smash Bros Brawl 1.0+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 30.png Perfect Freeze Spray a barrage of bullets and freeze them at any time. Touhou 1.0.9+


Weapons that aren't obtained by collecting a Robot Master's power, usually made to assist the player with platforming.

Name Description Version
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 6.png Rush Coil Use Rush as your personal spring and get to higher ground. 1.0+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 8.png Rush Jet Rush transforms into a jet... somehow. Hold up or down to change your altitude. 1.0+
File:SprWeaponIconsSpecialColor 3.png Proto Coil Like The Rush Coil, but you don't need to take it for a walk. 1.3+
File:SprWeaponIconsSpecialColor 4.png Proto Jet Like the Rush Jet, but doesn't leave its fur all around the house. 1.3+
File:SprWeaponIconsSpecialColor 2.png Treble Boost Allows Bass to fly for a limited amount of time. Can fire spread shots. 1.3+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 12.png Magnet Beam Build a blinking bridge that you can stand on. Hold attack to make it longer! 1.0+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 35.png Item-1 Throw out a platform that slowly rises. Good for scaling castles. 1.2+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 36.png Item-2 Throw out a jet board that rockets forward. Good for flying over spike pits. 1.2+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 37.png Item-3 Throw out a platform that bounces and scales walls. Good for... uh... wait... 1.2+
File:SprWeaponIconsColor 43.png Super Arrow Arrow that also functions as a platform. Very versatile. Sticks to walls. 1.3+
JetAdaptorIcon.png Jet Adaptor Jetpack that quickly refills itself once you land on the ground. 1.4+
PowerAdaptorIcon.png Power Adaptor Armor that lets you dish out powerful punches. Can be charged for more power. 1.4+
SuperAdaptorIcon.png Super Adaptor Adaptor that lets you boost upward a small distance and fire a homing fist. 1.4+

Error Handler

These weapons appear if a weapon ID is used beyond those normally accessible.

Name Description Version
0 Icon.PNG 0 N/A 1.0+