Wily Public Works

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Wily Public Works
Wily Public Works.png
Creator: Ilysm
Level ID 325683
Playable characters: Mega Man
Settings: Charge disabled
Slide enabled

Wily Public Works is a Mega Man Maker level created by Ilysm. The stage was the winner of the "Non-traditional" category of the Level Creation Contest 2019.

For the level, Mega Man has his buster, the Danger Wrap and the Block Dropper. The first part has the gimmick of opening the passage obstructed primarily by Dust Blocks, later using the destruction of those blocks to trigger the fall of Push Blocks to defeat enemies or unblock passages. It is necessary to defeat Hard Man so the lower part becomes aquatic. It is not a direct trigger, but it is invoked by the use of a Teleporter and a duplicate zone.

After that, the lower part becomes fully accessible, with the checkpoint being after a puzzle with the Push Block over a Dust Block. The zone becomes more industrial while keeping the theme of Push Blocks and Dust Blocks. Mega Man goes until facing Concrete Man.

Since the level was one of the winning ones and the contest's prize was uploading it to the Example Levels, it is included in 1.6.0.

Quick-Play Link: https://megamanmaker.com/?level=325683 (Contest Entry Version)

Quick-Play Link: N/A (Example Level Version)