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The original cover art for Mega Man 10. Note that Bass is not present.

Mega Man 10 (Rockman 10: Threat from Outer Space!! in Japan) is the tenth numbered installment in the classic Mega Man series. It was released for WiiWare on March 1, 2010, and was later ported to PlayStation Network on March 11 and Xbox Live Arcade on March 31 that same year. Like Mega Man 9, this game uses NES-style graphics and sounds, and Mega Man cannot slide or charge his Mega Buster. In addition to Mega Man, Proto Man is once again playable, using his playstyle from Mega Man 9, and Bass is available as DLC. Bass can shoot in 7 directions, as he could in Mega Man & Bass, but cannot double jump.

The updated cover art, featuring Bass.

In Mega Man Maker

The earliest concept introduced was the version of the Quick Weapon change, in which the icon of the weapon appears over the player character. Alongside Mega Man & Bass, this game had the main elements of Bass' gameplay, which were taken when Bass was added as a playable character in 1.3.0.

1.6.0 is focused on bringing features from this game alongside features from Mega Man 11.




Level objects


  • Blade Tile
  • Blade Tile 2
  • Commando Tile
  • Pump Tile
  • Nitro Tile
  • Wily 4 Tile
  • Wily 5 Tile


  • Blade BG
  • Strike BG
  • Strike BG 2
  • Nitro BG
  • Nitro BG 2
  • Wily 2 BG
  • Wily 5 BG
  • Wily 5 BG 2
  • Endless BG


  • Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass are playable characters there and in this game.
  • Pointan also fulfills the role of the mouse cursor for Mega Man Maker, and its presence is a running gag in the trailer of each update.
  • While the quick weapon change was introduced in Mega Man 7, Mega Man Maker used the tweaks of Mega Man 10 about this element. The icon appears over the character and it is possible to switch to utilities.
  • Bass's sprites in Mega Man Maker were taken from this game. Also, since Bass could not double jump in Mega Man 10, Mega Man Maker made the double jump optional and disabled it by default.
  • In the Treble Boost, Treble's behavior before fusing with Bass is taken from Mega Man 10, where he behaves similarly to Rush: Treble will appear and will leave if Bass does not fuse with him.
  • Proto Man's Proto Shield takes its hitbox and size from this game rather than from Mega Man 9. In Mega Man 10, the Proto Shield is bigger than in Mega Man 9 so Proto Man can take more advantage of the attack reflections.
  • Proto Man not having double knockback comes from this game, which removed this concept from Proto Man's gameplay.
  • The Mega Man Killer weapons were implemented along the Mega Man 10 features since they reappeared here.